What's going on this weekend, early edition


17. Sep. 2008, 12:59

I would wait until Thursday but there's so much going on this weekend that it's pushing me one day to the left on the calendar.

Let's get the big events out of the way. Saturday is Larkfest, so if you want to get drunk in the street with a few thousand people instead of the normal few dozen, that's your place. The Nightwatchman headlines, with a slew of other acts including locals Aficionado who ahve been very busy lately. All the cool kids will be there... which may or may not entice you to join.

Friday brings us Irish Fest 2008, with notable acts including Great Big Sea and Enter The Haggis. Again, a good place to get drunk, as long as you have a way to get home from Altamont (or, if Altamont is your home, I'm sorry).

There's more going on than just big crowds of sweaty, annoying drunken people. There will also be music attended by smaller crowds of sweaty, annoying drunken people. Valentine's has a solid indie rock (with an electronica twist) lineup on Friday with Band Marino, Straylight Run, and Jonezetta. If you haven't heard Jonezetta's Get Ready (Hot Machete), listen to it and then sweat with desire to see them live.

Saturday, wounded knees opens for Dinosaur Jr., so if you want to see the legendary guitar skills of J Mascis, be there. Seriously, you might be able to play that Dragonforce song on expert in Guitar Hero, but you've got nothing on him.

Look for a more comprehensive WGOTW in a couple of days, but really, you won't have much time left after all the awesome shit above.
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