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Über mich

A.v.e.r.a.h.l.e Quakez

Why do we call him that? What does it stand for?(Artistic-Vigorous-Enigma-Reppin-All-Hardworking-Live-Entertainers) Is Here!!!…..Where do we get Quakez? Because anytime he comes to the stage or rocks a mic….he causes the Earth to Quake…with his hard lyrics and energetic stage presence!

Quakez was born and raised in North Minneapolis in the Cecil Newman projects. He comes from a long line of musicians…so music is in his blood. His uncle Kennedy Barber was part of a well known band called Sounds of Blackness…which has won Grammy’s. His dad was in a group called Split Level which was signed with Prince(TDK). Quakez had the privilege of going to Paisley Park and learning the ropes of being a producer. So with all of this music influence in his blood how can Quakez not be your next big artist??? He has created a name for his self in the Twin Cities hip hop scene and is respected by many other artists for his grind and hard work.

Quakez has performed all over the Twin Cities in clubs such as: First Avenue, Vibin, The lounge, Flavor Café, Arnelia’s, South Beach, Escape Axis, Daddy Rocks, Jazzville and Sound Bar!

His influences are: His Family, Prince, Biggie, 2Pac Big L, ,Big Pun, Eminem, Linkin Park, Guns & Roses, Metallica, Jay-z, Minnesota Bands The Time, The Family Band, TDK aka Split Level and N.P.G.

Averahle Just Got Off Tour With Stevie Stone Of Strange Music

And Currently Preparing For The Sex, Drugs And Addictions Tour And He's Got A lot Of Surprises In Store For His Fans And Supporters!

Averahle Quakez has waited for a while to see the hip hop game show up in Minnesota, Now it has shown its self and he feels people need to hear him...... He will claim his spot!

Quakez is now part of a crew called GKMGLL; Quakez helps equal out the different styles of that particular crew. Quakez is a Go Getter! He will not disappoint you; he is a born Hustler and can sell ice to an Eskimo. At the end of the day I hope you have Earth Quakez insurance because once you hear him…..you will wish you did!

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