Rev TheoryBroken Bones Lieblingslied 46
Five Finger Death PunchHard To See Lieblingslied 46
Five Finger Death PunchAshes Lieblingslied 45
Joan Jett and the BlackheartsACDC Lieblingslied 44
Good CharlotteThe River Lieblingslied 44
Five Finger Death PunchDeath Before Dishonor Lieblingslied 44
My Chemical RomanceSING Lieblingslied 44
Rev TheoryFar From Over Lieblingslied 43
Five Finger Death PunchNo One Gets Left Behind Lieblingslied 43
Simple PlanMy Christmas List Lieblingslied 42
Five Finger Death PunchThe Devil's Own Lieblingslied 42
Five Finger Death PunchWhite Knuckles Lieblingslied 42
Papa RoachHollywood Whore Lieblingslied 42
My Chemical RomanceI'm Not Okay (I Promise) Lieblingslied 41
RedHide Lieblingslied 41
Five Finger Death PunchThe Bleeding Lieblingslied 41
Rev TheoryFalling Down Lieblingslied 41
Three Days GraceAnimal I Have Become Lieblingslied 40
Three Days GraceIt's All Over Lieblingslied 40
My Chemical RomanceOur Lady of Sorrows Lieblingslied 39
Parkway DriveRomance Is Dead Lieblingslied 39
The OffspringHit That Lieblingslied 38
Five Finger Death PunchCan't Heal You Lieblingslied 38
Scar SymmetryNoumenon and Phenomenon Lieblingslied 38
Three Days GraceGone Forever Lieblingslied 37
The AgonistThank You, Pain Lieblingslied 37
Three Days GraceNow Or Never Lieblingslied 35
Three Days GraceLet It Die Lieblingslied 35
Rev TheoryLight It Up Lieblingslied 35
Five Finger Death PunchNever Enough Lieblingslied 35
Five Finger Death PunchStranger than Fiction Lieblingslied 35
OedipusBurn It Down Lieblingslied 35
Papa RoachBroken Home Lieblingslied 34
Bad ReligionAmerican Jesus Lieblingslied 34
Good CharlotteThe World Is Black Lieblingslied 34
Three Days GraceOver and Over Lieblingslied 34
Rev TheorySelfish And Cold Lieblingslied 34
Scar SymmetryAscension Chamber Lieblingslied 34
Rise AgainstHelp Is On The Way Lieblingslied 34
Scar SymmetryNonhuman Era Lieblingslied 33
Sum 41Still Waiting Lieblingslied 32
Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions Lieblingslied 31
Three Days GraceScared Lieblingslied 28
Three Days GraceDrown Lieblingslied 28
Scar SymmetryQuantumleaper Lieblingslied 28
Five Finger Death PunchFrom Out Of Nowhere (Bonus Track) Lieblingslied 28
30 Seconds to MarsThis Is War Lieblingslied 28
Simple PlanGod Must Hate Me Lieblingslied 27
Simple PlanMy Alien Lieblingslied 27
Rise AgainstSurvive Lieblingslied 27