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Don DokkenWhen Love Finds A Fool 26. Mär., 8:30
Trey SongzStill Scratchin Me Up Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 8:25
Jeremy SouleMinstrel's Lament Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 8:20
Ronan ParkeWe'll Rock The World Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 8:16
DrudkhFalse Dawn Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 8:00
Nicki MinajRoman's Revenge (feat. Eminem) Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:55
Queen LatifahJust Another Day... Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:50
NaildownDeep Under the Stones 26. Mär., 7:43
M.I.A.Double Bubble Trouble 26. Mär., 7:40
Al GreenLove and Happiness Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:35
LifesavasWhat If It's True? 26. Mär., 7:31
Miranda CosgroveWhat Are You Waiting For? 26. Mär., 7:27
Bolt ThrowerProphet of Hatred 26. Mär., 7:23
Return to ForeverMedieval Overture 26. Mär., 7:18
Soulja BoyBooty Got Swag Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:15
Black RobReady Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:12
Jay-ZBeach Is Better Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:11
One DirectionHalf a Heart 26. Mär., 7:08
EminemRap God Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 7:02
New BoyzYou're A Jerk Lieblingslied 26. Mär., 6:59
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Über mich

I love serenity. Nothing makes me more relax than peace, quiet, and no drama. I'm a very laid back person that isn't impressed or startled easily. I'm very indivudualistic and introverted, but I am friendly to others that come across my way. I usually never come across to people as rude or mean unless that is the way you come at me. ignorance and discrimination have no room in my life. All I can do is expereince, learn and grow and die. No need for hate. At the end of th day, we're all the same, just different resources and choices. If you' don't kill yourself, mother nature will. :)

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