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Über mich

Well, I guess the main thing there is to know about me is that I love writing. I write mainly novellas, which are between short stories and novels. I'm delving more and more into poems but prefer free verse over anything. I have trouble with the forms!

My dream vacation is to New England because I absoutely adore and love historic houses. It is my dream to someday own a dilapidated house and fix it up. I also long to live in the country even though I've lived in the city my whole life. Country life has always been the setting for my stories.

I enjoy mostly old things. Old cars, old music, old jewelry, old name it! I listen to mostly 90's country and rock music from the 80's to 90's. Other than that I can't say my music tastes are all that open minded. Not that I've made any effort to change that!

Before I begin typing too much I'll finish with this. I'm an introverted person who takes a while to warm up to you. Most of what I have to say comes out in my writing. I'm currently a Junior in college, I major in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. I enjoy reading one book after another, blogging, photography, card making, drawing (occassionally) and biking down by the lake!