• Best of 2012 according to my silly beliefs

    27. Dez. 2012, 4:01

    It's been awhile since i've done one of these. But i've been meaning to get into some new music and best of lists are always a great way to discover new music via the ensuing discussions/complaints and "___ wasn't on your list, wtf man" comments.

    So please, bitch, complain, comment, compliment, whatever, i'd love to hear what others think and get some new albums to check out. and here it is:

    Top 40 albums

    1.Cloud NothingsAttack on Memory

    This album is amazing, i really liked Cloud Nothings' self titled in 2010, which was a fun punk/shoegaze thing, however still somewhat unpolished. This album completely blew me out of the water: it is amazingly polished, thier musicianship has improved tenfold, and the atmosphere in this album is overwhelming. If you want a great mix of punk and shoegaze/post-rocky buildup, check this out, its really unique and really good.

    2. Swearin'Swearin'

    At first listen, i was impressed by this album, i liked it, some good female/male dual vocal indie/emo rock. After a few more listens i started to really like the individual songs for what they were. A few more times and i was addicted, addicted hard. this shit is so catchy, really good midwesty, jortscore, emo rock, or whatever the fuck else you want to call it. I had a mental breakdown deciding between this and attack on memory, solid as hell album.

    3. ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind

    Do i even need to write a description here? Converge never ever fails to amaze, their evolution as the band over the past 20+ years has been amazing to watch. I really can't believe it every time they release a new album that still hits as hard as the previous. Their maturation shows in this album, it it extremely polished, well-written hardcore album. Converge truly stands on their own level above all other hardcore punk acts out there.

    4. NarrowsPainted

    I've always been a huge botch fan, so naturally narrows is on my list, they're a bit of a supergroup with members of unbroken, some girls, botch, these arms are snakes, and more. This album is by far their best to date, with some great hard-hitting technical metalcore done right (i.e. not shitty as all hell as most bans who claim "technical, mathcore, chaotic, etc").

    5. EmeraldsJust To Feel Anything

    This is a really great instrumental/idm/drone/ambient/whatever outfit many of you may already know. Well, if you haven't heard this latest release, get it, its awesome. A bit more accessible than thier other work, with more beat-driven and electronica sections and less hardcore drone/ambient washout stuff. The title track never gets old for me, its just so entrancing...

    6. KaliDuress

    Powerviolence from Canada that rages fucking hard. It bothers me this band doesnt get more attention. Sadly i hear thier broken up or at least one some hiatus. Also this album contains a lot of old split/demo material in addition to some new songs, so its not super cohesive but what the hell ever, who needs continuity in PV?

    7. Joyce ManorOf All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

    Joyce Manors only weakness is that they are incapable of creating an album longer than 20 minutes, with this one clocking in at 13, it hardly feels like an album and leaves you begging for more. And you know what? I take back my previous statement, it does feel like a full album. A short, fast, angsty blasting of weird catchy emo rock. This album falls slightly short of their 2011 self-titled in my opinion, but is still a great new bunch of songs from JM.

    8. El-PCancer 4 Cure

    Awesome catchy NYC rap from EL-P. Lots of cameos from some other great acts (Danny Brown, Despot, Killer Mike, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, and more). Just a great catchy rap album, with the same deep/complex lyrics you gotta listen to 9 times before you "get" that fans of EL-P and similar acts are used to. I think this album really got overlooked this year with everyone ranting and raving over the new Kendrick Lamar and Killer Mike... but thats just me.

    9. Killer MikeR.A.P Music

    Yeah i know i just said everyones over-rating this album not one ranking prior. But it really is badass, it's super cohesive front front to back, with minimal filler. Theres no autuning, overproduced, club bullshit; just some hard-hitting southern rap from a former outkast boy. Also Killer Mike totally ups the punx with his song "Reagan".

    10. GeraniümGeraniüm

    Sick neo-crust from france. somewhat "overproduced" by crust standards (think Tragedy or something). I'll leave the uber-crusties to the bickering over how over-production makes you not punk or some equally dumb argument. This album rules, you should get into it, not enough people are.

    11. Ronald JenkeesDays Away

    Well despite his affection of silly fedoras and "Hello Youtubes", Jenkees is pretty badass, most people would be pretty quick to write him off as a "youtube hit" and nothing else (for his recent popularity of "red lemonade"). He's actually a wonderful composer who churns out some really addictive melodies. This is an awesome electronic/classical style album for doing homework to (or just chilling out), check it out.

    12. SirsSirs

    I dont know what it is about this album but i really like it. Its some great post-hardcore similar to bands like bear vs. shark or red animal war. If you like those guys as much as i do, then you should like these guys too.

    13. Four TetPink

    Really rad chillout/instrumental/idm stuff; very catchy, good stuff to zone out too, got me through alot of late night projects.

    14.HomewreckerWorms and Dirt

    Brutal, Scathing, Anti-Religious, Hardcore. Thats about the only 4 words needed. Get it.

    15. Supreme Cuts & Haleek MaulChrome Lips

    Some catchy, haunting, grimy indie hip-hop. Fuck odd future, get into this shit if you want some cool alternative sounding rap with "shocking" lyrics.

    16. Kendrick Lamargood kid m.A.A.d city

    Yeah, even i'm sucked into the hype on this one. Kendrick spits out another solid-ass album, i actually didnt like it at first, i thought it was too overproduced and "club rap" sounding compared to section 80, but it grew on me. It has its own style that i can appreciate, i have a feeling Kendrick is going to be very big soon, he's very talented.

    17. HorsebackHalf Blood

    Neat Psych/Drone album, another great "zone out" album i did alot of homework/project work to.

    18. GhostlimbConfluence

    Heavy, Pummeling, Hardcore as to be expected from Ghostlimb, another great album to add to thier repertoire.

    19. We Were SkeletonsBlame and Aging

    Screamo's not dead, case in point: this album. Its cool screamo, listen to it.

    20. Code Orange KidsLove Is Love // Return to Dust

    Fun hardcore that's not afraid to mix in sludgy/noisy elements and stray from the traditional hardcore punk song formula. The whole band is like 18 or something too, however they sound a lot more polished/experienced. props to them for that.

    21. Aesop RockSkelethon

    Good release from Aesop, not as good as some of his past work by a small margin, but its still solid.

    22. Run, ForeverSettling

    Melodic Folk punk, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, with a slight tinge of rebellion…

    23. Ty Segal BandSlaughterhouse

    Fuzzy, Distorted, Noise-rock stuff that you’ll love if you’re a fan of …fuzzy distorted noise rock.

    24. Sore EyelidsSore Eyelids

    Members of Suis La Lune playing similar screamo stuff but with clean vocals and bit more post-rock influence, its good stuff, get into it.

    25. GazaNo Absolutes in Human Suffering

    Anti-Religious hardcore/sludge/grind bullshit from my new home, Salt Lake City. I think I appreciate these guys more now that I’ve seen them live here – lots of energy…

    26. DowsingIt’s Still Pretty Terrible
    Twinkly Emo Jamz from guess where? The Midwest.

    27. Glocca MorraJust Married
    Good emotional hardcore punk

    28. SwansThe Seer
    A giant 2-disc epic of noise/drone/post-rock shit, its cool.

    29. Downfall of GaiaSuffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes
    Heavy Sludge/Neo-Crust with a lot of atmosphere.

    30. JapandroidsCelebration Rock
    Two Canadian indie rockers that churn out what sounds exactly like the title implies – “celebration rock”.

    31. DikembeBroad Shoulders
    More twinkly/Midwest styled emo rock for ya’ll.

    32. Pity SexDark World
    Fuzzy, Lo-fi, Shoegazy emo/indie rock stuff.

    33. The Saddest LandscapeAfter the Lights
    More 2012 screamo, one of only a handful released this year, yeah skramz’s not entirely dead.

    34. Godspeed You! Black Emperor‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
    I’ll probably get lots of shit for how low this is. I liked it but I didn’t LOVE it. Maybe I’ll regret this post later and learn to love this album, I dunno.

    35. Suis la luneRiala
    Another solid release from the Swedish screamo group. Busy guys considering half of them are in Sore Eyelids too.

    36. Black Moth Super RainbowCobra Juicy
    I remember this band being a lot weirder and noisier than this. This release is by far their most accessible, it’s a fun electronic album with lots of good catchy beats.

    37. DadsAmerican Radass (This Is Important)
    Emo/Indie Rock, its quirky & catchy.

    38. Everyone EverywhereEveryone Everywhere
    The 2nd Self-titled album by this indie group. Good stuff.

    39. Title FightFloral Green
    Good punk rock that pulls from a plethora of other influences and genres.

    40. Beau NavireLumens
    Energetic screamo, reminds me a little of loma prieta or something.

    41. Ape Up!Kemosabe
    Catchy Pop-Punk stuff.

    42. Chelsea WolfeUnknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs
    I just got into Chelsea Wolfe (loved apocalypsis), the only reason this isn’t further up the list is because I think the ambiance/atmsosphere present on her non-acoustic albums is sooo good, this release felt a slight bit lacking. Still a very talented female singer though.

    43. Deer LeapHere.Home.
    Interesting emotional indie rock that sticks to some long, drawn out post-rock-esque song structures.

    44. Such GoldMisadventures
    Melodic hardcore/pop punk that doesn’t annoy me.

    45. aussitot mortNagykanizsa
    Good screamo release from these guys, not too much difference from their previous albums, but it works.

    46. Old Man GloomNo
    The sludge supergroup keeps sticking to what it knows best.

    47. Murs & FashawnThis Generation
    I liked murs’ work in the three felt albums, so I checked this out. Lo and behold, its good hip-hop.

    48. Joie De VivreWere all better than this
    Emotional indie rock ballads, listen to this shit on rainy days.

    49. Fight AmpBirth Control
    More riffy hardcore/sludge from these guys. If you like kylesa you’ll like these guys.

    50. Animal CollectiveCentipede Hz
    Go ahead and bitch all you want. I liked this album enough to put it on my list, but it wasn’t their best.


    1. BurialKindred EP

    Before dubstep was turned into wubwubwubstep, there was burial. He sticks to the same formula that made “Untrue” an amazing album. This ep is helping tide me over until he (hopefully) releases a new LP.

    2. ComadreCold Rain

    Two Tracks from mixtapes 4 & 5 get a proper release, and one teaser track for their new album. I cannot fucking wait for their final self-titled album. Sad to see this band go, but I’m glad their going out in style. This Ep is awesome, and only a precursor to what I’m sure will be one of my 2013 Albums of the year.

    3. PrawnShips

    Really good melodic indie rock, they had an full length this year too that I failed to listen to on time before I wrote this. I’m sure it’d be up in my top 30 for the albums as well.

    4. Graf OrlockLos Angeles

    More brutal cinema-grind, with more awesome packaging/artwork (each 7” came with a famous dead icon on a target, with real rounds fired through it).

    5. Times New VikingOver And Over

    Lo-Fi indie rock shizz. I like it a lot.

    6. Converge/Napalm Death – Split 7”
    If you’re a converge fan, chances are you tend to want to hear every song they ever wrote. Well this split 7” has a new song of thiers, as well as a sick entombed cover, and two napalm death songs on the other side. Its short but sweet.

    7. IsisTemporal
    A re-release of some previously unreleased songs, some remixes, and some other cool stuff. A good compilation of some old Isis stuff.

    8. JowlsCursed
    Some legit screamo. I’m exited for a full-length from these guys.

    9. Direct Hit! - splits with Braver, The Haverchucks, & Hold Tight!
    I looooved these guys’ LP “Domesplitter” and these assorted splits gave me some more good Direct Hit! Songs, angry fast pop punk/hardcore at its best.

    10. LatyrxDisconnection
    A teaser EP for the upcoming “The Album: II”. At first I thought this was a completely different band, the opener track sounds like some club-rap wannabe hit. After that the album takes a turn back to the old-school beats and signature layering/dualing lyrics latyrx is known for.

    11. SepalcureEternally Yrs
    Cool electronica/chillout stuff.

    12. Iron Lung /The Process – Split 7” & Iron LungSaboteur 7”
    A 7” split and 7” Ep from one of my favorite raging fast powerviolence acts. Can’t wait for “White Glove Test” to come out in 2013.

    13. Nails /Skin Like Iron – Split
    Pummeling fast hardcore/PV/Black metal stuff from nails and similar stuff from skin like iron.

    14. Cerce/ LEER split & CerceTour EP
    Cerce is a really cool female-fronted punk/hardcore band from Baltimore one of my friends got me into. Leer are punk from the same area I think. Either way Cerce is great and you should know them.

    15. KylesaFrom the Vaults, Vol 1.
    Some re-released stuff from sole old splits. I had heard most of this stuff already (uber-punk cred) but its still nice.
  • Best Of 2008

    25. Dez. 2008, 6:04

    So as if last year wasnt already weak compared to the stupidly large lists i did prior, this year is even less, i dont listen to as much new music anymore, i dont know man, lay off ok.

    check em out:


    1.Transistor TransistorRuined Lives
    Ever since thier early splits, I've really enjoyed trantan, and i was expecting some of the same material from them on this new album, but jesus exploding anal fissures christ did this album blow me away, it is just beyond brutal in all ways and alot more than just a dancy fun screamo album like most of thier material. amazing effort from these guys, good to see they arent fading away like the rest of the modern screamo scene.

    2.Titus AndronicusThe Airing of Grievances
    The Happiest fucking lo-fi songs about death, destruction, and hopelessness ever. GET FUCKIN INTO IT

    3.GhostlimbBearing And Distance

    4.Autistic YouthLandmine Beach
    Modern Adolescents worship, when you listen to this album, you stop giving a fuck about shit, all that matters is punk. rules hard.

    5.The Old HauntsPoisonous Times
    Ever since i saw these guys in flag i've been in love, jammy, happy, swingy punk rock with crooning vocals and shit. some feel good shit right here.

    BWHOOOOOOOM ITS THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE! OH WAIT NO ITS JUST THE HEAVIEST FUCKING ALBUM EVER. Whenever i play the last track, there is quite possibly 2 earthquakes triggered in asia.

    Black as Fuck, Sludge as Fuck, Dirge as Fuck, Fucking Brutal LP.

    8.Verse En ComaRialto
    Uplifting happy awesome indie shit that isnt all twingy twangy acoustics and some fag whispering. formers of malady, city of caterpillar, and darkest hour, its not hard to see why this album doesnt fail. get into it.

    9.CloudsWe Are Above You
    LOL GREAT ONE GUYS, I LOVE PUNS. seriously though awesome band, really fun rolling sludge/stoner stuff, absolutely the best band on hydra-head right now.

    10.Fight AmpHungry For Nothing
    Take kylesa, but make em punker and thrashier, nuff said.

    11.BluesHeavy Sci-Fi
    Tucson hardcore at its finest, they went way more melodic on this joint, nearing every time i die songwriting styles now, whatever, i will always love this band.

    12.Trash TalkTrash Talk
    TT took a strange turn on this album, right at the height of thier "omfg deathwish bro sellouts" hate/drama, they go and start thier own record label, and realease this bad boy, dirty, fast, punk as fuck, powerviolence, take that haters.

    13.Cult of LunaEternal Kingdom
    aweeesomee atmoooooo sluuuuuuudggge thattt doessssnt boooore meeee.

    14.LordsFuck All Y’all Motherfuckers

    15.Fucked UpThe Chemistry of Common Life
    This album is fuckin awesome, epic as all balls, its supposed to be a concept album loosely ranged on the visions of a mans entire life viewed before his eyes on acid, or something like that, i kinda forgot what it was. listen to this.

    16.These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower and Dove
    TAAS doesnt even need a fucking explanation, fuckin awesome fun post-hardcore that was doing it before post-hardcore became a buzzword.

    17.Loma PrietaLast City
    Loma kinda sucked on the last 7" and i lost faith in them then this came out and holy fuck NIIICE. good modern screamo is so scarce this year, at least we have a few gems like this one.

    18.The Gaslight AnthemThe ’59 Sound
    I got this album entirely too late in the year, i immediately fell in love with it, amazingly addictive bluesy rocky punk. as my friend puts it "bruce springsteen punk"

    19.CeremonyStill Nothing Moves You
    Its great to see hardcore bands out there with new and inventive lyrics, stuff that makes you think, none of that hateful stuff, shit cant talk here comes the good par-THUNDER AND LIGHTNIING, PROTECT ME FROM GOODD, I WONT BE SKULLFUCKED BY FAITH, I AM THE UPSIDEDOWN CROSS!-ok so as i was saying.....

    20.Capsule - Blue
    Brutal post-sludgeskramviolencecore that doesnt fuck around, shit rips your face.

    21.BlacktuskPassage Through Purgatory
    all you need to do is look at this albums cover, and read the band and album name, put together everything you gather, and yeah thats what this band sounds like. brutal, fast, raging.

    22.Paint It BlackNew Lexicon

    23.Blackbird RaumSwidden
    take a fuckload of angry gatdamned anarchist squatter folkpunks, give em an Accordion, Banjo, Mandolin, Washboard, and a Standup Bass, and youve got yourself the most unique folk punk ive heard in a long time. so fuckin into these guys.

    24.Young Widows - Old Wounds
    Post-hardcore the way it should be, wierd as fuck and heavy as fuck, no fashion statements or neon headbands here.

    25.Baader BrainsThe Complete Unfinished Works Of The Young Tigers
    The Latest Mike Kirsch Joint, awesome jam-out hardcore.

    26.ShorebirdsIt’s Gonna Get Ugly
    Latterman and Jawbreaker minus all the bikes and veganism and shit, straight up fuggin punk, shits rad.

    27.Dillinger FourThe Civil War
    Do i even need to explain this one? D4 motherfucker.

    28.The Ergs!Upstairs/Downstairs
    PAWWWP PUUUNK MAAAAN, gotta love the ergs.

    29.El CerdoOur Bellies Sluggish with Goat Meat
    Kvlt fuckin black/sludge metal, just read that album title, you can just SMELL the satan in it.

    30.The ReposEnding on a Positive Note

    31.The Fall of TroyPhantom on the Horizon
    Ghosthip demos + gratituous amounts of epic = the fall of troy doesnt suck anymore, amazing recovery from the travesty that was manipulator.

    32.MogwaiThe Hawk is Howling
    Heaviest mogwai album ever. fucking balls. love.

    not the boy band dammit, i'm not gay. i do have a raging hardon for these guys though. so i retract that statement.

    34.Helms AleeNight Terror
    If Harkonen and These arms are snakes were to make babies, man that would rule. Oh wait? they did you say? and they name the baby helms alee? shit man awesome!

    'Nother boris joint, this ones different, just like those past 12 were all different from the previous 12, yep.

    Double-LP of nonstop fucking hardcore Skramsanity, These guys are fucking brutal.

    37.The Mae ShiHLLYH
    Album makes me shake by ass.

    I dont know why i never listened to this as much as i probably should have, its good but i just... idk, cursed rule so jus get it.

    39.Harvey MilkLife…The Best Game In Town
    More of the Milk, epic stoner ballads of mythological proportions.

    40.BlacklistedHeavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God
    I was never into blacklisted, this album changed that, its cool.

    EPs & Splits and other Tomfoolery

    This is basically new botch material, members of some girls and TAAS as well, an absolutely amazing set of 3 songs, they just tickle your dick enough to get you up, and leave you high and dry. cannot wait for more material from these guys.

    2.Trash TalkPlagues
    WE LIGHT THE FIRES, THAT BURN YOUR CITIES TO THE GROUND, da DUNNNNNNNNN. yeah that band again. cant get enough.

    3.Phoenix Bodies/La quiete - Split 7”
    One side of Get Fuckin Naked Party Skram and one side of Melodic Hand Clappin Wine Sippin Skram. do it.

    4.Fall of EfrafaTharn 7”
    Orchestral Remix of the song "Dominion Theology" its absolutely crushing and absolulely beautiful, 15 minutes of bliss.

    5.J. BannonThe Blood of Thine Enemies 7”
    I think this guy was in converge or something? i dont know man but hes like ..arsty and stuff on this one brooo, i feel kinda gay listening y'know.

    6.Phoenix Bodies - Cobra Commander 2008 EP
    Dicks, Anti-Societial Tendancies, White people, and Rifffsssss.

    7.Thursday/Envy - Split
    Envy is like selloutz now man, we cant listen to them anymroe we wont be punk. seriously though, quality split, both sides rule.

    8.Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre - Split

    9.Furnace/Relics – Split
    Punk as fuck totally worthwhile skram split, i realize those words almost dont make sense, but yeah, the band's songs rule, they also cover No Comment and Dropdead, what more do you need?

    10.Thou – Malfeasance/Retribution 7”
    Brutal blackened dirgy sludge songs, solid listen.

    11.Transistor Transistor – Young Vampires of New Hampshire
    As if Tran Tran werent awesome already, add Thomas Lindberge guest vox'n on this one, awesome as shit.

    12.The Old Haunts & Red Eye Legends Split
    The Old Haunts song is realy fun and the REL one is rad too.

    13.Suis la luneHeir
    One of the few good skam releases this year.

    14.Sex VidNests
    everyone loves this band for some reason, good hardcore, i cant say theyre the best band ever though, fuck.

    15.Mount EerieBlack Wooden Ceiling Opening
    fuzzzzzz and lyrriiiccs abouuut stuffffff. whoooo
  • Top 65 Albums, 12 EPs, and 10 Splits of 2007!

    3. Jan. 2008, 21:33

    Aight here it is all of you who still care, my year end list, once again none of these numbers are set in stone, but they are still in a general ranking as far as what i liked the most, (aka the difference from #42 to #50 isnt that great, but of course the difference from #1 to #50 is). This is nothing comparison to my 06 list but what can i say, i have a bit more of a life now and dont listen to music as much as i used to, deal with it. I dont even get why i ramble on each year before my lists to justify this stuff, someones gonna bitch anyways, so without further ado:


    1.Daniel Striped Tiger – Capital Cities [Screamo]
    2.Melt-Banana – Bambi's Dilemma [Noise-Rock]
    3.Blues – Snakepit [Hardcore]
    4.Big Business – Here Comes the Waterworks [Stoner/Sludge]
    5.Do Make Say Think – You, You're A History In Rust [Post-Rock]
    6.Black Elk – Black Elk [Post-Hardcore]
    7.Rosetta – Wake/Lift (& Cleansing Undertones of Wake/Lift) [Sludge/Ambient]
    8.L'antietam – Arthur Carr [Screamo]
    9.Baroness – The Red Album [Sludge]
    10.Clouds – Legendary Demo [Sludge]
    11.Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow 10” [Grind]
    12.Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris [Radio/Stoner Rock]
    13.Explosions in the Sky – All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone [Post-Rock]
    14.Maroon – The Cold Heart Of The Sun [Metalcore]
    15.Grails – Burning Off Impurities [Post-Rock]
    16.Omega Massif – Geisterstadt [Sludge]
    17.Ghostlimb – Ghostlimb [Hardcore]
    18.Enoch Ardon – 12” [Screamo]
    19.Weedeater – Good Luck and God Speed [Stoner Doom]
    20.North – Ruins [Sludge/Post-Rock]
    21.Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb [Grind]
    22.Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice [Indie Rock]
    23.Battlefields – Stained with the Blood of an Empire [Sludge]
    24.Thou – Tyrant [Sludge/Blackened Doom]
    25.The Dauntless Elite – Graft [Pop-Punk]
    26.Bongripper – Hippie Killer [Stoner Doom]
    27.Trap Them – Sleepwell Deconstructor [Hardcore]
    28.Racebannon – Racebannon IV: Acid or Blood [Post-Hardcore]
    29.Fall of Efrafa – Elil [Crust]
    30.Coliseum – No Salvation [Hardcore]
    31.Magrudergrind – Rehashed [Grind/Powerviolence]
    32.Hot Cross – Risk Revival [Post-Hardcore]
    33.What We Feel – Last War [Hardcore]
    34.Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet [Prog Rock]
    35.Overmars – Born Again [Sludge]
    36.The Kidcrash – Jokes [Screamo]
    37.Lesbian – Power Hor [Black Metal/Post-Rock/Doom]
    38.Zozobra – Harmonic Tremors [Sludge]
    39.Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters [Black Metal]
    40.Kronos – The Hellenic Terror [Death Metal]
    41.Humanasaur – Monster Savior Song [Sludge]
    42.Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty [Hardcore]
    43.Boris with Merzbow – Rock Dream [Stoner Doom/Rock/Noise]
    44.Violent Breakfast - Nient' Altro Che Tempo [Screamo]
    45.Kongh – Counting Heartbeats [Sludge]
    46.Achilles – Hospice [Metalcore]
    47.C-Rayz Walz – Monster Maker [Rap]
    48.Alcest - Souvenirs d'un autre Monde [Black Metal/Shoegaze]
    49.Circa Survive – On Letting Go [Post-Hardcore/Indie]
    50.Pelican – City of Echoes [Post-Rock]
    51.Hey Colossus – Project:Death [Stoner Doom]
    52.Neurosis – Given to the Rising [Sludge]
    53.65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas [Post-Rock/Electronica]
    54.High on Fire – Death is this Communion [Stoner Doom]
    55.Taint – Secret and Lies [Stoner Doom]
    56.Dälek - Abandoned Language [Rap]
    57.Celeste – Pessemiste [Screamo]
    58.Between the Buried and Me – Colors [Metalcore]
    59.Ramesses – Misanthropic Alchemy [Sludge/Stoner]
    60.Mithras – Behind the Shadows Lie Madness [Death Metal]
    61.The Ergs! - Upstairs/Downstairs [Pop-Punk]
    62.Tusk – The Resisting Dreamer [Grind/Sludge/Hardcore]
    63.Black Cobra – Feather and Stone [Sludge]
    64.Minsk – The Ritual Fires of Abandonment [Sludge]
    65.Modern Life Is War – Midnight in America [Hardcore]


    1.Trash Talk – Walking Disease [Hardcore]
    2.Québec - Together We Have Grown, Together We Shall Bloom (EP) [Screamo]
    3.Logs – Demo 7” [Screamo]
    4.Envy – Abyssal EP [Screamo]
    5.Jupiter Lander – 7” [Screamo]
    6.West – Fall 2007 Demo [Post-Rock]
    7.Torche – In Return 10” [Stoner Doom]
    8.Funeral Diner – Doors Open EP [Screamo]
    9.Ceremony – Scared People [Hardcore]
    10.With Engine Heart - This City Is Dead And These Words Are The Nails In Its Coffin [Screamo]
    11.Maths – 6 Track EP [Screamo]
    12.Boris & Merzbow – Walrus & Groon [Stoner Rock/Noise]


    1.Comadre/Trainwreck – split 12” [Screamo]
    2.Baroness/Unpersons – A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk [Sludge/Hardcore]
    3.Rosetta/Balboa – Project Mercury [Sludge/Hardcore]
    4.Ampere/Funeral Diner – Split 9” [Screamo]
    5.Tides/Giant – Split 12” [Sludge]
    6.Ampere/Daitro – Split 7” [Screamo]
    7.Fall of Efrafa/Down to Agony – Split 7” [Crust]
    8.Boris/Stupid Babies Go Mad – Damaged [Stoner Rock/Psych Rock]
    9.Ampere/Ringers – Split 6” [Screamo/Pop-Punk]
    10.Extreme Noise Terror/Driller Killer – Split 7” [Grind]
  • Live 08-12-07: Daniel Striped Tiger, West, Alan Smithee, Sabretooth Snatch

    17. Aug. 2007, 5:06

    Alrighty, another show in Tucson, this time back in The Living Room, very cool small venue, one of the few up there, Smaller one this time, 3 locals and Daniel Striped Tiger all the way from Massachusetts.

    First up is West, a local post-rock outfit, I had heard some demo tracks on their myspace prior to this and they were pretty decent already, but wow did they improve since then or something because this performance was amazing, they really don’t stray from the standard post-rock formula or anything but they were still good and not off-kilter or sloppy at all, even with the amount of pedals they were all using. Their sound overall was very full and entrancing, really cool experience, totally hope these guys get signed or something.

    After West was Sabretooth Snatch, another local outfit, they seemed to be pretty new or something, half the songs didn’t have vocals, the guitarist, bassist, and drummer al did vocals on one or two songs separately, the music as a whole was really weird and off-kilter by any genres standards, they kinda reminded me of The Catalyst in that “we don’t give a fuck, just jam” kinda way, you could hear hardcore, punk, stoner, grind, everything in em, just sloppily thrown together and played as loud as they could, really fun guys, cool performance, more of a live band though, I doubt I’d like em on disc haha.

    After this SS’s singer said someone was up next but they didn’t know who, apparently DST wasn’t even there yet, so while everyone was chilling outside they were starting to get nervous cuz nobody was there, but just as some of the venues owners/friends were asking if anybody saw a blue school bus in town, here comes the blue school bus that DST were touring in, and the show was back on!

    Daniel Striped Tiger’s set was Good aside from the fact that the vocals were waaay waaay too low, I don’t know if it was due to The Living Room’s lack of speakers or what, but the mics were set waay low, you could barely hear em. Regardless, the set slayed, the new LP is just plain awesome, and hearing it live was even cooler, it was a lot more gritty and distorted, and just louder in general live (which is kinda a ‘duh, its live’ kinda thing, but I still felt they really sounded different than in studio, unlike other bands who are pretty similar live). Sucked there wasn’t a huge turnout tonight, maybe 30 kids max, because they were really awesome.

    Last up was Alan Smithee, another local band, once again I had heard some tracks on their myspace before and it wasn’t bad, cool post-rock, not that rehearsed or refined but they were just demos. And just as with West, they blew me right out of the water, put on a great great show. Started out playing pretty quiet twinkly post-rock, crescendoing higher and higher as always, but unlike west, they were a lot heavier and in-tune with the sludge style, a lot of the songs became really really heavy towards their climaxes, just shaking the whole room, you could feel It deep within your bowels dammit. Half of this was due to their Bass, it was just fuckin thunderous, huge, thick, heavy, amazing, the bassist did a damn good job at adding to the band, by no means was he just there for rhythm. After the show I was asking the guitarist for a demo but they didn’t have em, yet he was cool enough to load all their material on my ipod for free, kick ass!
  • Live 07-17-07: Graf Orlock, Comadre, Rosetta, Battlefields, Blues, TABL, more (PIX)

    24. Jul. 2007, 5:17

    So I was looking forward to seeing Gormadre for awhile now, whom originally had been scheduled at the living room, but through whatever turn of events ended up at skrappys paired with rosetta/battlefields, throw in a ton of locals and another tour combo (TABL and inferis I think), and skrappys “Gnarwal Fest” was born. And Damn, what a fest it was.

    First up was some locals, Iraqi Blood Machine was the first band, pretty kickass 2-person grindy/pv type stuff, the ‘guitarist’ was actually using a uber-distorted bass so it sounded kinda like if lightning bolt did some lsd and decided to play pv. Much props to these guys. Next after that was Alarm, another local outfit, hardcore/pv stuff as well, they were good as well, kinda turned into a wall of sound at times, other times popping into some awesome grooves/lines you couldn’t help but jam out too, good shit.

    After that was Inferis (singer was saying they were now “this is empire” or something), I honestly wasn’t too into these guys, clean vocal scenish hardcore, not my stuff yo, 5 person band, and yet IBM managed to beat em out with just two people, they had an alright ending song with a pretty epic outro but for the rest I could care less about them.

    Next up is monarcs, some rad dudes from Miami, kinda experimental hardcore stuff, a touch of screamo here and there, all their songs were based off enlightenment or realization, fighting authority, all that good stuff, yay free-thinking! Aside from the message, the actual music kicked ass too, lots of energy (even if us in the crowd wasn’t movin much aha), not your most typical band at all, some weird styling on the guitar work, and hell… the band as a whole. I guess I’m doing a bad job explaining them here, but they were good, make a point to see em if they’re around you guys.

    After Monarcs is Blues, second time I’ve seen these guys, I’ve got a demo of theirs and an EP on my comp, good southernish botch styled hardcore. This set just blew me the fuck away, just amazing. The had so much energy it was ungodly, the whole band was so into it, all the songs they played flows so well, and were probably the “closest to studio” sounding band out there, very clean, very controlled, amazing all over. I’d have to say my favorite Tucson band at the moment. I wish I had more to write about them but I don’t, they’re just fucking awesome and you need to see them.

    Next Up: Rosetta, a band I’ve been looking forward to seeing live ever since their debut masterpiece The Galilean Satellites came out. The crowd wasn’t as into them as the rest of the bands, so many damn hardcore kids, no appreciation for sludge nowadays, but oh well, it was still an ok turnout. Regardless of the crown, Rosetta’s stage presence was great, mike was going crazy on the mic, you really couldn’t hear him well at all though, I don’t know if this was intentional (like the spacey drowned out sound he has on some of theirs songs) or if the equipment was bad, but whatever he kept on truckin, screamin his lungs out. They played about 2-3 songs (I don’t necessarily have the new stuff in memory yet so I couldn’t tell). As far as the rest of the band, it was just a huge aural wall of sound, awesome awesome sound, atmo-sludge at its finest. It was all over too soon though, but that’s what ya get when your songs are 8 minutes long and ya gotta get out so the next band can play.

    After that was Battlefields, whom I hadn’t heard at all prior to this, the set started out with the guitarist just slowly building up quietly with the vocalist messing with effects on his effects/keyboard/noise board thing setup, almost looked like they’d be post-rock at first, but then the heaviness kicked in and god did they fucking slay. The set was only two songs but lasted 20+ minutes, epic as fuck, vocals were a bit more brutal and coreish than you’d normally see in sludge, it was pretty refreshing though, they weren’t your everday atmosludge band jumping on the bandwagon a year late like the rest of the scene nowadays. Overall good show, not as much stage presence as most of the others but whatever, they were still awesome.

    After that me and my bros got some water and stuff and when we went back to the stage we saw that they had a carpet pad and a drumset set down, and we knew what that meant, FLOOR SHOW, FUCK YEAH. I’d expect nothing less from Comadre, I was really hoping they wouldn’t play on stage. So they opened with a few songs from what I thought was burn your bones iirc, they got a huge pit going, everyone was moshing/dancing, not really windmilling, but just having fun, everone was tearing it up, band was inches away from us, awesome atmosphere. After a few songs came the aural orgasm we refer to as “burn the scene” a good 20 kids and I were up there screaming along to the whole chorus, everyone was going insane, it was just pure awesome. They finished up with two songs from their new split with trainwreck, which were awesome as well. Great band, great set, amazing energy, amazing show, nuff said.

    Second to last its Graf Orlock, everyone’s favorite cinema-grind band, who also played floor, and were just as frikken brutal, crowd was goin nuts, even if half the songs were no longer than a minute, they played A Waste of Ammo and a shitload of other songs from the new LP, (im bad with song titles so I wont bother trying to list em). The set ruled though, half the audience were talking/chanting along with all the samples (which are the best damn samples you’ll see in grind, ever, hooray 80s cinema). As far as the actual band, they were damn good, all their shit was pretty tight and controlled, not like some of these old orchid vids you’ll see with the guitarists just losing their tempo and fucking going with it, they knew what they were doing. As I said earlier with comadre, great band, great set, amazing energy, these two bands were born to play together, shit ruled.

    Graf's set was so brutal i totally forgot to take pics...dammit!

    Last band to play was The American Black Lung, this being their record release show, they were back up on stage so not as an eventful crowd, everyone was just kinda chilling/standing around/being tired, but they played on. Nice somewhat dancy/poppy hardcore, not scene though, just ..jammy y’know. They played several songs off the new album, it was all pretty good stuff, nothing stuck out too much or whatever, just some standard stuff, I guess I’m not into as much as some people, I’d probably appreciate them better if they played before gormadre, seeing as how I love them so much more. Whatever, they put on a good show too, and that was the end of it.

    I Ended up Picking up Graf’s new 10” on red, Comadre’s split 12” with trainwreck (which turned out was a tour version since they got only 60 of the 800 that were scheduled for the tour, and ended up hand-screening the covers just to get em out, hooray limited shit!), Battlefields 12” on yellow/red splatter, and 4 shirts (Graf, comadre, Rosetta, and Battlefields) Jesus was I broke afterwards, who says money can’t buy happiness.
  • Best of 2007 so Far

    9. Jul. 2007, 8:16

    Yeah, Small list for me, only 30 lps and 5 other, either this year sucks or im not looking hard enough,

    anywho, its all ranked, not super specifically, give or take a few places up or down on the lower ranked albums, its not all set in stone, but this is what im liking the most so far.

    Artist - Album - [Genre]

    1.Big Business - Here Come The Waterworks [Sludge/Stoner/Heavy]
    2.Melt-Banana - Bambi’s Dilemma [Noisecore whatever]
    3.Bongripper - Hippie Killer [Stoner]
    4.Clouds - Legendary Demo [Sludge]
    5.Enoch Ardon - 12” - [Emo-Violence]
    6.Magrudergrind - Rehashed - [Grind/Powerviolence]
    7.Architects - Ruin - [Hardcore/Metalcore]
    8.Do Make Say Think - You, You’re A History In Rust [Post-Rock]
    9.Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone [Post-Rock]
    10.Humanasaur - Monster Savior Song - [Sludge]
    11.Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice [Indie Rock]
    12.Circa Survive - On Letting Go - [Indie/Rock]
    13.Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors [Sludge]
    14.Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb - [Grind]
    15.Black Elk - Black Elk [Alternative/Hardcore/Punk/Stuff]
    16.What We Feel - Last War - [Hardcore]
    17.Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love Of Shared Disasters [Folk-Rock/Post-Rock]
    18.Alcest - Souvenirs d’un autre Morte [Black Metal/Post-Rock/Shoegaze]
    19.Lifetime - Lifetime - [Hardcore]
    20.Mithras - Behind the Shadows Lie Madness [Death Metal]
    21.Grails - Burning Off Impurities [Post-Rock]
    22.Dälek - Abandoned Language [Hip-Hop]
    23.Pelican - City of Echoes [Post-Rock]
    24.Graf Orlock - Destination Time Tommorrow [Grind]
    25.Kronos - The Hellenic Terror [Death]
    26.Hey Colossus - Project: Death - [Sludge/Stoner]
    27.Lesbian - Power Hor [Experimental Black Metal/Post-Rock/Psyche]
    28.Minsk - The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
    29.Wicked Pussy From The Wild West - Pandemonium! - [Digi/Noise Grind]
    30.Neurosis - Given To The Rising [Sludge]

    1.Baroness & Unpersons - A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk (Split) - [Sludge & Hardcore]
    2.Rosetta & Balboa - Project Mercury - [Sludge & Sludge/Hardcore]
    3.Extreme Noise Terror & Driller Killer Split EP [Grind]
    4.Ceremony - Sacred People 7” [Hardcore/Powerviolence]
    5.Pope Benedict - Three Song EP 2007 [Grind]
  • Top 150 Albums, 50 EPs, and 10 Splits of 2006!

    6. Jan. 2007, 6:41

    All Ranked yes, but after i hit past like the top 50 stuff is kinda not SUPER EXACT in the remaining 100 but come on, who cares if something is 5 higher than another when you get that low, all the albums are great to good, somehwat respective to thier placement on the list. i hope you all find something to download/enjoy on this list, i dont just do this to feed an ego or be a dick, last year was so great to us when everyone posted thier lists and we all got a ton of albums out of them, i figured i couldnt just not do it this year even thought alot of you didnt this time around.

    1.The Lawrence Arms - Oh! Calcutta! - [Punk/”Melodic Hardcore”]
    2.!T.O.O.H.! - Rád a Trest (Order And Punishment) - [Progressive DeathGrind]
    3.Year of No Light - Nord [Atmospheric Sludge]
    4.Gory Blister - Skymorphosis - [Brutal Tech-Death]
    5.Engineer - Reproach [Sludge/Metalcore]
    6.Phoenix Bodies - Raise the Bullshit Flag [Emo-Violence/Hardcore]
    7.Pyramids - Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases - [Screamo]
    8.Cardinale - 31:13 - [Sludge]
    9.Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Crooked Life/Straight World - [Hardcore]
    10.Bongripper - The Great Barrier Reefer [Stoner Doom]
    11.Profane - The Day We Scorched The Sky - [Melodic Hardcore/Sludge/Metal Whatever]
    12.Converge - No Heroes [Hardcore]
    13.Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway - [Sludge]
    14.Architects - Nightmares [Metalcore]
    15.Spaceship Landing - Spaceship Landing - [Stoner Doom/Rock]
    16.Ignite - Our Darkest Days [Melodic Hardcore]
    17.Kylesa - Time Will Fuse Its Worth [Crusty Sludge]
    18.Sparrows Swarm and Sing - ‘O Shenandoah Mighty Death Will Find Me [Post-Rock]
    19.Gantz - La Chambre Des Morts - [Sludgy/Post-Rocky Screamo]
    20.Lair of the Minotaur - The Ultimate Destroyer [Deathy/Thrashy Sludge]
    21.Wow, Owls! - Pee Sout - [Screamo/Hardcore]
    22.Phobia - Cruel - [Grind]
    23.Giant Squid - Metridium Fields [Sludge/Avant-whatever metal]
    24.Benighted - Identisick - [Brutal Death/Black]
    25.324 - Rebelgrind - [Crusty Grind]
    26.La Dispute - Vancouver [Post-Hardcore/Screamo]
    27.Robinson - The Great City - [Grind]
    28.Skitsystem - Stigmata [Crust]
    29.Irreversible - Age [Atmosheric Sludge]
    30.Life Is a Fight - Life is a Fight [Screamo]
    31.Shoemaker Levy 9 - Pantheon [Grind/Hardcore]
    32.Das Oath - Mini-LP [Hardcore]
    33.Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me [Indie/Rock]
    34.Life at These Speeds - To Your Health [Screamo]
    35.L'antietam - L'antietam - [Screamo]
    36.Unearthly Trance - The Trident - [Doom/Sludge/Drone/Whatever]
    37.Pearls & Brass - The Indian Tower [Stoner Doom]
    38.June Paik - June Paik - [Screamo]
    39.These Arms Are Snakes - Easter [Post-Hardcore]
    40.Envy - Insomniac Doze - [Screamo]
    41.The Sword - Age of Winters - [Stoner Doom]
    42.Isis & Aereogramme - In the Fishtank 14 [Ambient/Experimental/Post-Rock]
    43.Black Cobra - Bestial - [Sludge]
    44.Suis la lune - Quiet, Pull the Strings! [Screamo]
    45.Krigshot - Til Vilket Pris Som Helst [Crust]
    46.Zebulon Pike - Zebulon Pike II: The Deafening Twilight [Stoner Doom]
    47.Spawn of Possession – Noctambulant [Death Metal]
    48.Atheretic - Apocalyptic Nature Fury - [Brutal Tech-Death]
    49.Encre - Common Chord - [Post-Rock]
    50.Art of Burning Water - The Voyage Of The Pessimistic Philosoph An Ode To The Prevailing Law Of Sod [Sludge/Doom/Experimental]
    51.Have Heart - The Things We Carry [Hardcore]
    52.Callisto - Noir - [Atmospheric Sludge]
    53.The Post Office Gals - Esbeohdes - [Grind]
    54.Gregor Samsa - 55:12 - [Post-Rock]
    55.Mouth of the Architect - The Ties that Blind [Atmospheric Sludge]
    56.Coldworker - The Contaminated Void [Death Metal]
    57.Haram - Haram [Punk]
    58.Om - Conference of the Birds - [Stoner Doom]
    59.Skinless - Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead [Death Metal]
    60.Gadget - The Funeral March - [Grind]
    61.Eyes Of Fire - Prisons - [Death-Doom/Sludge]
    62.Ceremony - Violence Violence [Hardcore]
    63.Magyar Posse - Random Avenger - [Post-Rock]
    64.Hjarnidaudi - Pain:Noise:March - [Drone/Ambient/Funeral-Doom]
    65.Wood and Wires - Wood and Wires [Post-Rock]
    66.Her Breath on Glass - Building Monuments for Survival - [Screamo]
    67.Mayans - We Are War Like People [Screamo]
    68.Russian Circles - Enter - [Post-Rock/Sludge]
    69.Amusement Parks On Fire - Out of the Angeles [Shoegaze/Post-Rock]
    70.Rosolina Mar - Before and After Dinner [Post-Rock]
    71.Fragments Of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black but Shining - [Melodic-Death]
    72.Banner Pilot - Pass The Poison [Punk]
    73.The Blood Brothers - Young Machetes [Post-Hardcore]
    74.I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Fear Is On Our Side [Shoegaze/Post-Rock]
    75.Darkthrone - The Cult is Alive - [Black]
    76.Ghoul - Splatterthrash - [Death]
    77.Birds of Prey - Weight of the Wound [Death/Sludge]
    78.Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure - [Death]
    79.Generous Maria - Electricism [Stoner Rock]
    80.Atavist - Atavist - [Sludge/Doom]
    81.Stolen Babies - There Be Squabbles Ahead [Avant-Garde Metal]
    82.Ultra Dolphins - Mar [Screamo/Experimental]
    83.The Falcon - Unicornography [Punk]
    84.Steeples - Steeples [Screamo]
    85.Pharaoh Overlord - #4 - [Stoner Rock]
    86.Destroyer Destroyer - The Dead Sleep Like Us For A Reason [Grind]
    87.Tone - Solidarity - [Post-Rock]
    88.I GOT SHOT IN THE FACE - How Am I Not Myself [Metalcore]
    89.Heaven in Her Arms - Heaven In Her Arms - [Screamo]
    90.Genghis Tron - Dead Mountain Mouth - [Grind]
    91.Fifth Hour Hero - Not Revenge Just a Vicious Crush [Punk]
    92.Teeth of the Hydra - Greenland [Sludge/Classic Doom]
    93.Railsplitter - Sunday Morning At the Church of the Head Crushing Riff [Stoner/Sludge]
    94.Zoroaster - Zoroaster - [Sludge/Doom]
    95.Paik - Monster of the Absolute [Post-Rock]
    96.Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - [Post-Rock]
    97.Drawn and Quartered - Hail Infernal Darkness - [Death]
    98.Frightmare - Bringing Back the Bloodshed - [Grind]
    99.Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses [Hardcore]
    100.Anata - The Conductor's Departure - [Tech-Death]
    101.Grails - Black Tar Prophecies 1, 2, & 3 [Post-Rock]
    102.Disarmonia Mundi - Mind Tricks [Death Metal]d
    103.Wormphlegm - Tomb of the Ancient King [Funeral Doom]
    104.Monarch - Speak of the Sea [Drone]
    105.Windmills by the Ocean - Windmills by the Ocean [Atmospheric Sludge]
    106.The Melvins - (A) Senile Animal [Stoner/Sludge]
    107.East West Blast Test - Popular Music for Unpopular People [Experimental Hardcore/Noise-Rock/Grind]
    108.Fight Like Hell - Rabid as Wolves [Hardcore]
    109.Boris - Vein
    110.Mono - You Are There - [Post-Rock]
    111.Catacombs - In the Depths of the R'lyeh - [Funeral Doom]
    112.Yakuza - Samsara - [Metalcore/Experimental/Post-Rock]
    113.Persefone - Core [Death Metal]
    114.Consular - Don’t Cross the Swine [Sludge]
    115.PlagueBringer - As the Ghosts Collect, The Corpses Rest [Industrial Grind]
    116.Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked, Vol. 2 - [Drone/Doom/ Experimental]
    117.Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked, Vol. 3 - [Drone/Doom/ Experimental]
    118.NATSUMEN - Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! [Post-Rock/Indie]
    119.Sickoakes - Seawards - [Post-Rock]
    120.Ingrowing - Cloned and Enforced - [DeathGrind]
    121.Dismember - The God That Never Was [Death Metal]
    122.Stumm - I - [Drone/Sludge]
    123.The Faceless - Akeldama [Tech-Death]
    124.The Assailant - Colera [Hardcore/Screamo]
    125.Harvey Milk - Special Wishes [Stoner/Sludge]
    126.Switchblade - Switchblade - [Sludge]
    127.Paranaut - The Hills Fell Silent [Sludge]
    128.Laura - Radio Swan is Down [Post-Rock]
    129.The Gersch - The Gersch [Sludge]
    130.We vs. Death - We Too Are Concerned / We Are Too Concerned [Post-Rock]
    131.Gorod - Leading Vision [Death Metal]
    132.The First Step - What We Know [Hardcore]
    133.Asunder - Works Will Come Undone [Drone/Funeral-Doom/Sludge]
    134.Annaparatus - Annaparatus - [Metalcore/Grind]
    135.The Mars Volta - Amputechre [Prog-Rock]
    136.Lebanon - Sunken City [Post-Rock]
    137.Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar
    138.Negative Reaction - Under the Ancient Penalty [Sludge]
    139.Mogwai - Mr. Beast - [Post-Rock]
    140.Monkey3 - 39 Laps [Space Rock]
    141.Army of the Pharaohs - The Torture Papers - [Hip-Hop/Rap]
    142.Lanterna - Desert Ocean - [Post-Rock]
    143.Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse - [Instrumental Prog]
    144.Saprogenic - Ichneumonid - [Brutal Death]
    145.Tundra - Tundra - [Kinda Folky Sludge/Doom/Experimental]
    146.Revenance - Omen of Tradgedy [Death Metal]
    147.Place Of Skulls - The Black Is Never Far - [Doom Metal]
    148.Moho - ...He Visto La Cruz Al Revés - [Sludge]
    149.Tristeza - En Nuestro Desafio [Post-Rock]
    150.Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun [Post-Rock]

    edit: Spawn Of Posession - Noctambulant (wtf why did this manage to slip through the cracks ....so many goddamn great death metal releases this year, i'd rank this one in the 25-45 range somewhere)

    1. Amanda Woodward - Muert la Soif b/w Peu D'etoffe 7" [Screamo]
    2. Enoch Ardon - 7" - [Emo-Violence]
    3. Kongh - Demo 2006 [Sludge]
    4. Versoma - Life During Wartime [Alternative/Metal/Shoegaze..idk]
    5. Giant - Song [Atmospheric Sludge]
    6. I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook - 8-song Demo - [Screamo]
    7. Mouthbreather - Demo 2006 [Hardcore/Screamo]
    8. Never Healed - Never Healed [Crust/Hardcore/Black Metal]
    9. Cult of Luna - Bodies/Recluse 7"[Sludge]
    10. andydicktracymorganfreeman - So to Say, Not to Say, and These are Things - [Post-Rock]
    11. Brain Drill - The Parasites [DeathGrind]
    12. Disappearer - Disappearer EP - [Atmospheric Sludge]
    13. Knuckle Scraper - Max Isn't The Bastard [Powerviolence]
    14. Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines [Black Metal/Post-Rock]
    15. The Catalyst - Freak Out the Squares Demo [Sludge/Hardcore/Stoner/Weird Jamz]
    16. Negativa - Negativa MCD [Tech-Death/Prog]
    17. Tornavalanche - No Money, No Problems EP [Indie-Rock/Emo]
    18. God Is An Astronaut - A Moment of Stillness - [Post-Rock]
    19. Pope Benedict - 3 Song Demo - [Grind]
    20. Intronaut - Null - [Metalcore/Sludge]
    21. My Education - Moody Dipper EP [Post-Rock]
    22. The Midget Who Stole God's Map Of The Universe - Metalligrind EP [Grind]
    23. Tides - From Silence - [Sludge]
    24. She Died Real Pretty - Carpe Diem is Dead [Screamo]
    25. Loma Prieta - Our LP is Your EP [Screamo/Emo-Violence]
    26. Jesu - Silver - [Sludge/Doom/Shoegaze]
    27. Maybeshewill - Japanese Spy Transcript - [Post-Rock]
    28. Vi - Vi - [Sludge/Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore]
    29. Guiltmaker - Driven By Arms [Indie/Alternative Rock]
    30. The Souls Unrest - The Souls Unrest EP [Sludge]
    31. Bowel - Ploughers of Land And Sea [Sludge]
    32. Light Yourself On Fire - Light Yourself on Fire [Death Metal/Hardcore/Experimental]
    33. Big Business - Tour EP II - [Sludge/Stoner/Heavy]
    34. Thank God - For Pregnant Virgins [Experimental/Hardcore]
    35. HORSE the band - Pizza EP [Post-Hardcore]
    36. Hewhocorrupts - Microeconomics [Grind]
    37. 25 Dollar Massacre - The 2 Years Ago EP [Grind]
    38. The Timeout Drawer - Alone - [Post-Rock]
    39. O' Captian! My Captain! - Stopping a Train With My Bare Hands [Grind]
    40. Triumph of Gnomes - Fear Not, My Wolf Machine - [Grind]
    41. . - IHI - [Drone/Ambient]
    42. . - FaceSitDown [Drone/Ambient]
    43. The Electrician - 2006 EP [Grind]
    44. Devil Sold His Soul - Darkness Prevails [Screamo/Hardcore]
    45. Lunch - Lunch - [Stoner]
    46. Sadville - Make Ready the Cross [Hardcore]
    47. A Wilhelm Scream - Diver - [Melodic Hardcore]
    48. You Cant Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms - When I Look You In the Eyes, My Boner Gets Headstrong and Can Take on Anyone (Floppy Disc Demo) - [Grind]
    49. Abacabb - Multiple Stab Wounds EP [Grind]
    50. War From A Harlot's Mouth - Promo/Preproduction EP 2006 [Metalcore/Grind]

    1. Mouth of the Architect & Kenoma - Split - [Atmospheric Sludge & Sludge/Post-Rock]
    2. Magrudergrind & Shitstorm - Split - [Grind/Powerviolence & Grind]
    3. Ampere & Das Oath - Split [Emo-Violence & Hardcore]
    4. Elysiüm & Monarch - Split [Grind & Drone/Doom]
    5. Magrudergrind & Sylvester Staline - Split 7" [Grind/PV & PV]
    6. Lords & In Tongues - Split [Sludge/Hardcore & Hardcore]
    7. The Catalyst & Mass Movement Of The Moth - Two Thousand and Six Six Six [Crazy Hardcore/Sludge jamz & Screamo]
    8. Devilica & The Electrician - Split [Grind]
    9. The Sea, Like Lead & Belegost - Split - [Post-Rock]
    10. arse moreira & Loma Prieta - Split 7" [Screamo]
  • Live 07-29-06: Tides, Set Your Goals, Killing The Dream, Every Second Counts, Ruiner

    1. Aug. 2006, 5:44

    I was lucky I randomly saw this show poster on some kids myspace (cuz he thought the design was cool) cuz I was completely oblivious to it otherwise, and after pulling a few strings and stuffs I had secured a ride there for me and two friends, (one dropped out later for some reason, who knows) so it was just me and Andrew.

    we get there and even though they said they’d start at 6:30 it ends up getting fucked up and starting at 7:00, either way it was 10 bucks and at this really cool venue called the living room (Tucson) that used to be a warehouse of some sort. very narrow room, I mean no wider than a master bedroom, with amps and gear all stacked along the sides from the bands not playing yet, with about a 20x20 front floorspace before you hit the band and all teh speakers and cabs, no stage, so your right up there with them, and i gotta say it was the perfect setting for a hardcore concert, i mean it was PACKED maybe 100 kids in this tiny ass low cieling room, which may seem gay to you guys, but is very down to earth, no room for the crowd to disperse and be unsupportive, either you were right up in there or not. But what really surprised me is as we entered I see all this ESC and SYG merch, (American black lung and Alarm were scheduled to play, but they couldn’t make it and ESC and SYG’s Vegas show got cancelled so they came down here for one show, which I found very sincere, especially all the way down here in this far away desert town of Tucson.

    First up is Every Second Counts out of Orange Country California, they were pretty damn good for an ‘opener’ per say, just straightforward, fast posi-hardcore, a lot of clean vocals (which I could barely hear, but I don’t really care for much in hardcore anywho) they played about 5 quick songs, all the same style, all about bros and keeping it real and all the generic good stuff, they even got a decent pit (or dancefloor or hxc dancing pit or whatever the hell you want to call it, you know what I mean) going for one song, the rest was a little to fast and not breakdown filled for it though. Fun band, not really hugely memorable and I doubt id like them on studio albums because of what I heard of his vocals, but whatever.

    Next up is Tides, the black sheep of this show amidst all these hardcore bands. Benny wasn’t with them anymore (he’s on tour in Europe under his noise moniker Burn Ward or some crap) which was a bit disappointing to me at first because I was thinking that losing their electronics guy would bring down the live performance, but they sure didn’t seem to have any problems, its just the two guitarists and the bassist both had like 20 pedals each, it was insane. They played about 4 tracks, the tracklisting went something like this: ‘Resurface’ right into a little interlude which led to ‘Aurora’ (which first left me confused cuz im used to resurface going into by the droves), after that they stopped and something broke down with their samples machine/player which they got fixed in a minute, then started right up on ‘In Their Arms’ and didn’t even stop, but rather stalled you could say, each member keeping a little feedback/random tune going while the others adjusted their pedals and they went right into their amazing finisher ‘Wash Away’. Overall their performance was FUCKIGN AMAZING to say the least, every member was spot on, no sloppyness at all, the feedback was insane and they were by far the loudest ones there, I mean during the heaviest parts of Resurface there was dust falling from the air vents and the concrete floors were shaking like a goddamn earthquake, it was a truly immersive performance. Only complaint I had was that nearly 3/4th of the kids left, because they were all these stupid ‘only hardcore’ kids, and it ended up being me and about 20 other kids who actually appreciated sludge left in the room. And even though they played for a good 35ish minutes it all seemed over way too soon.

    After that was Ruiner, they were pretty boring live actually, and the studio stuff ive heard of theirs didn’t impress me that much either, just your standard fare hardcore, filled with breakdowns and very chanty, got the crowd very riled up and the pit was getting pretty big by now, very good performers, not so good actual music. In the middle of the set the singer rambled on about something that had happened between them and Set Your Goals and that he was sorry or something, I missed like half of it due to the band tuning and shit mid-sentence. Overall not that great, the crowd liked em, I didn’t.

    Killing The Dream was next, and during their first song I figured I was in for another somewhat generic band, with an overhyped crowd of hardcore kids who know every goddamn song and gang vocal-sing along the whole thing with the singer. And well… I was pretty much right for at least half their songs, some of them actually were more technical than I expected and they had more variation, still generic, but I liked em enough to where I didn’t count the songs wondering when they would stop. So they were enough of a surprise to make me feel that that hour of the night wasn’t wasted.

    And last but not least, Set Your Goals played, ive always heard they were very fun live, and I gotta say they sure lived up to the reputation, and this is coming from a guy standing somewhat in the mid/back, (my friend was getting a KTD shirt in their little frontroom/lounge and I didn’t wanna ditch him, so we got in the back concert room place mid-song and weren’t right up front) but there was a huge pit taking up almost all of the room, everyones moving, about 20 kids up front chanting every single lyric along to the songs (in this case it was awesome cuz SYG’s is very chanty and oh god was it good). They played through all of reset and they nailed everything, I cant stress enough how packed the room was and how busy the crowd was, after latchkey ended we had to leave because our ride was gonna be there at 10, and low and behold… it was 10:01 (oh noes). I didn’t mind one bit though since their new LP is pretty meh imo, so I saw all I needed to see.
    Also, small little sidestory during their set: there was this black kid in the pit and he was going insane just like everyone else, but he got hit in the face bad, got a big old bloody nose, and he gets all “wtf this nurgga aint doing this shit to me, ima beat his ass” and tried to get to the white kid that hit him, like he didn’t know he’d get hit being in the pit, like he was ‘out of his element’ or something, it was pretty amusing to be honest, cuz the whole pit stopped and everyone was doing the whole arms out “its not worth it man” routine, and nothing happened (which was cool, cuz I didn’t want this shit to end early)

    Before we left we got picked up some merch, I got a Sweet Set your Goals shirt with a Squid design, and was kinda perplexed at tides merch table (since I had already bought a shirt and their first LP ealier, kinda ‘merched out’ if ya know what I mean) but the guy manning their table was this guy in overalls with all his head shaved cept some curly jewfro type stuff up front (like literally in the shape of a visor), all clad in overalls and a wifebeater, he had like 12 screened posters of paintings he had done, and they were pretty damn awesome, I picked up one for 8 bucks, along with tides’s new EP and a patch, he even threw in like 3 stickers because no one was buying (gay-ass hardcore kids once again)
  • Best of 2006 So Far.

    15. Jun. 2006, 22:46

    Artist - Album - [Genre] for you idiots out there

    Top 75 LPs
    1. The Lawrence Arms - Oh! Calcutta! - [Punk/Melodic Hardcore]
    2. !T.O.O.H.! - Rád a Trest (Order And Punishment) - [Progressive DeathGrind]
    3. Profane - The Day We Scorched The Sky - [Melodic Hardcore/Sludge/Metal Whatever]
    4. Gory Blister - Skymorphosis - [Brutal Tech-Death]
    5. Pyramids - Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases - [Screamo]
    6. Cardinale - 31:13 - [Sludge]
    7. Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Crooked Life/Straight World - [Hardcore]
    8. Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway - [Sludge]
    9. Eyes Of Fire - Prisons - [Death-Doom/Sludge]
    10. Spaceship Landing - Spaceship Landing - [Stoner Doom/Rock]
    11. Robinson - The Great City - [Grind]
    12. June Paik - June Paik - [Screamo]
    13. Gantz - La Chambre Des Morts - [Sludgy/Post-Rocky Screamo]
    14. Wow, Owls! - Pee Sout - [Screamo/Hardcore]
    15. Gregor Samsa - 55:12 - [Post-Rock]
    16. Unearthly Trance - The Trident - [Doom/Sludge/Drone/Whatever]
    17. Encre - Common Chord - [Post-Rock]
    18. Phobia - Cruel - [Grind]
    19. Benighted - Identisick - [Brutal Death/Black]
    20. The Sword - Age of Winters - [Stoner Doom]
    21. Om - Conference of the Birds - [Stoner Doom]
    22. The Post Office Gals - Esbeohdes - [Grind]
    23. Frightmare - Bringing Back the Bloodshed - [Grind]
    24. Engineer - Reproach - [Sludge/Hardcore]
    25. Gadget - The Funeral March - [Grind]
    26. Hjarnidaudi - Pain:Noise:March - [Drone/Ambient/Funeral-Doom]
    27. Envy - Insomniac Doze - [Screamo]
    28. Atheretic - Apocalyptic Nature Fury - [Brutal Tech-Death]
    29. L'antietam - L'antietam - [Screamo]
    30. Callisto - Noir - [Atmospheric Sludge]
    31. Magyar Posse - Random Avenger - [Post-Rock]
    32. Her Breath on Glass - Building Monuments for Survival - [Screamo]
    33. Tone - Solidarity - [Post-Rock]
    34. Atavist - Atavist - [Sludge/Doom]
    35. Genghis Tron - Dead Mountain Mouth - [Grind]
    36. Fragments Of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black but Shining - [Melodic-Death]
    37. Anata - The Conductor's Departure - [Tech-Death]
    38. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Fear Is On Our Side [Shoegaze/Post-Rock]
    39. Darkthrone - The Cult is Alive - [Black]
    40. Ghoul - Splatterthrash - [Death]
    41. Russian Circles - Enter - [Post-Rock/Sludge]
    42. Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure - [Death]
    43. Pharaoh Overlord - #4 - [Stoner Rock]
    44. Heaven in Her Arms - Heaven In Her Arms - [Screamo]
    45. Lanterna - Desert Ocean - [Post-Rock]
    46. Ingrowing - Cloned and Enforced - [DeathGrind]
    47. Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked, Vol. 2 - [Drone/Doom/ Experimental]
    48. 324 - Rebelgrind - [Crusty Grind]
    49. Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - Let Airplanes Circle Overhead - [Post-Rock]
    50. Drawn and Quartered - Hail Infernal Darkness - [Death]
    51. Moho - ...He Visto La Cruz Al Revés - [Sludge]
    52. Black Cobra - Bestial - [Sludge]
    53. Mono - You Are There - [Post-Rock]
    54. Catacombs - In the Depths of the R'lyeh - [Funeral Doom]
    55. Yakuza - Samsara - [Metalcore/Experimental/Post-Rock]
    56. Place Of Skulls - The Black Is Never Far - [Doom Metal]
    57. Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse - [Instrumental Prog]
    58. Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked, Vol. 3 - [Drone/Doom/ Experimental]
    59. Saprogenic - Ichneumonid - [Brutal Death]
    60. Sickoakes - Seawards - [Post-Rock]
    61. Stumm - I - [Drone/Sludge]
    62. Zoroaster - Zoroaster - [Sludge/Doom]
    63. Mirrorthrone - Carriers of Dust - [Atmospheric Black Metal]
    64. Switchblade - Switchblade - [Sludge]
    65. Ihsahn - The Adversary - ['Extreme Progressive']
    66. Mogwai - Mr. Beast - [Post-Rock]
    67. Tundra - Tundra - [Kinda Folky Sludge/Doom/Experimental]
    68. Birchville Cat Motel - Our Love Will Destroy the World - [Drone/Noise/Whatever]
    69. The Seven Mile Journey - The Journey Studies - [Post-Rock]
    70. Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens - [Hardcore]
    71. I'm Not A Gun - We Think as Instruments - [Electronica/Post-Rock]
    72. Ultralord - We Hate You And Hope You Die - [Stoner/Sludge/Doom]
    73. Army of the Pharaohs - The Torture Papers - [Hip-Hop/Rap]
    74. Vermin - A Nihilistic Swarm - [Brutal Death]
    75. Vorkreist - Sublimation XXIXA - [Black/Death]

    Top 15 Eps, Promos, Demos

    1. Enoch Ardon - 7" - [Emo-Violence]
    2. God Is An Astronaut - A Moment of Stillness - [Post-Rock]
    3. andydicktracymorganfreeman - So to Say, Not to Say, and These are Things - [Post-Rock]
    4. Jesu - Silver - [Sludge/Doom/Shoegaze]
    5. Pope Benedict - 3 Song Demo - [Grind]
    6. Intronaut - Null - [Metalcore/Sludge]
    7. Tides - From Silence - [Sludge]
    8. Loma Prieta - Our LP is Your EP [Screamo/Emo-Violence]
    9. Maybeshewill - Japanese Spy Transcript - [Post-Rock]
    10. Vi - Vi - [Sludge/Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore]
    11. Big Business - Tour EP II - [Sludge/Stoner/Heavy]
    12. I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook - 8-song Demo - [Screamo]
    13. The Timeout Drawer - Alone - [Post-Rock]
    14. Triumph of Gnomes - Fear Not, My Wolf Machine - [Grind]
    15. . - IHI - [Drone/Ambient]

    Top 5 Splits

    1. Mouth of the Architect & Kenoma - Split - [Atmospheric Sludge & Sludge/Post-Rock]
    2. Magrudergrind & Shitstorm - Split - [Grind/ Powerviolence & Grind]
    3. The Sea, Like Lead & Belegost - Split - [Post-Rock]
    4. Ampere & Sinaloa - Split - [Emo-Violence & Screamo]
    5. Catena Collapse & Sinaloa - Split 7" - [Screamo]
  • Robotic Empire and Translation Loss Records ...Groups!

    17. Mär. 2006, 2:15

    This is an Open Invitation to all fans of Robotic Empire Records (formerly Robodog Records) and Translation Loss Records to join thier respective groups.



    I Have Recently Made Groups for both of these fine record labels, seeing as how they house some of my favorite bands. however its no fun with just a handful off people, so join up even if your just a fan of a few artists on the label, you'll probably enjoy more from the label that you havent had the time to check out.

    and please skip over the group because "there was nothing goin on" cuz obviously thats cuz its just starting out, and we can only grow if you all join now

    ***Time To Connect this Thread to bands signed to the labels and stuff that grabs attention, so you guys get this in your little "reccomded reading" thing***

    Mouth of the Architect
    Circle Takes the Square
    Red Sparowes
    Bodies In the Gears of the ApparatusMalady
    Kayo Dot
    The Red Chord
    Pink Razors
    Transistor Transistor
    Hot Cross
    Neil Perry
    Pig Destroyer