Addison RoadDon't Wait Lieblingslied 1
AdemaUnstable Lieblingslied 7
AdemaNeedles Lieblingslied 2
AdemaStand Up Lieblingslied 2
Aimee BFUTURE IN MY HANDS Lieblingslied 8
AlestormKeelhauled Lieblingslied 6
Alice NineWHITE PRAYER Lieblingslied 12
Alice NineZERO Lieblingslied 14
All That RemainsThe Last Time Lieblingslied 1
Alter BridgeCome To Life Lieblingslied 1
Alter BridgeComing Home Lieblingslied 1
AmatoryЧерно-Белые Дни Lieblingslied 1
AmatoryДыши Со Мной Lieblingslied 5
Anti-FlagThe Economy is Suffering…Let It Die Lieblingslied 1
ApocalypticaSomewhere Around Nothing Lieblingslied 2
ApocalypticaI Don't Care Lieblingslied 1
ApocalypticaNot Strong Enough Lieblingslied 10
ApocalypticaOn The Rooftop With Quasimodo Lieblingslied 1
ApogeeInescapably There Lieblingslied 1
April DivineKiss From A Rose Lieblingslied 5
April DivineRedemption Lieblingslied 2
Art of DyingYou Don't Know Me Lieblingslied 7
Ashes RemainKeep Me Breathing Lieblingslied 1
Ashes RemainOn My Own Lieblingslied 1
AutumnMy New Time Lieblingslied 3
AvatarRoadkill Lieblingslied 1
Aya HiranoGod Knows... / Anime [the Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya] Lieblingslied 1
Biosystem55Maniac Lieblingslied 2
BlindBeginning of the End (Birth of a God) Lieblingslied 1
Blind GuardianThe Soulforged Lieblingslied 1
Blinded ColonyMy Halo Lieblingslied 7
BloodMaria Lieblingslied 2
BloodSpleen Lieblingslied 3
BloodLe Revenant Lieblingslied 1
Blood Stain ChildLive Inside Lieblingslied 9
Blood Stain ChildFinal Sky Lieblingslied 4
Blood Stain ChildTRUTH Lieblingslied 12
Blood Stain ChildTRIAL SPIRAL Lieblingslied 3
Blood Stain ChildTYPE-N Lieblingslied 5
Blood Stain ChildTrue Blue Lieblingslied 3
Blood Stain ChildExotic-6-Cordinator Lieblingslied 10
Blood Stain ChildFreedom Lieblingslied 15
Blood Stain ChildCyber Green Lieblingslied 13
Blood Stain ChildPitch Black Room Lieblingslied 12
Blood Stain ChildMetropolice Lieblingslied 13
Blood Stain ChildInnocence Lieblingslied 9
Blood Stain ChildNEO-GOTHIC-ROMANCE Lieblingslied 6
Blood Stain ChildEternal Lieblingslied 3
Blood Stain ChildStargazer Lieblingslied 6
Blood Stain ChildUnlimited Alchemist Lieblingslied 3