• The NEW Album "DARK or LIGHT"

    29. Mai. 2010, 13:05

    Welcome to listen to my NEW Album "DARK or LIGHT"
    It is my present for you!
    Askura Alexander Shkuratov
    While a Candle Burns

    6. Mär. 2009, 22:51

    Today we rolled out a new song "JOY BOY JOY" for artist NASTASYA on her profile: http://www.last.fm/music/NASTASYA/Lazy-Crazy
    Take some time and check it!
    Askura Alexander

    NASTASYA Lazy-CrazyJoy Boy Joy
  • Askura Music Shop

    28. Dez. 2008, 13:16

    If you want to get music of Askura, click on http://www.askuraworld-shop.com/ there you can download full length of tracks high quality or MP3 Albums.
    We are pleased to announce that Askura Music's customers can now use PayPal to purchase on Askura Music Shop. Paypal has been added as a method of payment in our Askura Music Shop.
    Select preferable payment type: ChronoPay - International Secure online credit card payment. (All over the world) or ROBOXchange online payment service. Askura Music's customers can now use PayPal to purchase on Askura Music Shop. Select preferable payment type: ROBOXchange online payment service and click on PayPal.

    Askura Music Shop http://www.askuraworld-shop.com/

    Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy listening to my songs as much as I enjoyed making it for you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Askura Alexander

    Askura Alexander Shkuratov
  • Album "In Magic of Light"- singer Irisha

    17. Aug. 2007, 10:01

    We have recorded a new song with Irisha.
    I invite you to listen to this song!
    My new Ballade "Clouds of Love"
    Askura Alexander Shkuratov
  • NEW ! ! ! Album "TO THE LIGHT" from Askura Alexander

    5. Apr. 2007, 14:28

    NEW ! ! ! Album "TO THE LIGHT" from Askura Alexander Shkuratov. (World-Pop-Rock-Ethno-Progressive) Made in Russia!

    15. Mär. 2007, 13:15

    1.Especially pay your attention to music, that your Soul and Heart perceives with Love. If you have defined it, it means, that the Energy of Music chosen you, very salutary influences on your spiritual and physiological sides. Salutary properties of Musical Energy, is a Great Medicine of the Future!

    2. A salutary Sound is vibrations restore psychological balance of the person. Musical Harmony promotes to art and philosophical development of your consciousness. The human flesh has properties to self-restoration. This process directly depends on Surrounding Power around of the person. Strangely enough, Energy of Music can to help you to solve your problems with Health and to restore your Spiritual Condition. - To Find a Reality. It is necessary only to learn to understand, what Music is chosen with Your Heart. You should listen to desires of Your Heart and Soul.

    3. True Music has been given to Mankind by Divine Heavens. The most complicated mathematics of Music is woofed from Thin Energy of the Universe and Given to People in the Blessing. Each Person has the Sound Individual Frequency. Each Person is a Part of the General Musical Harmony of the Universe. The UNIVERSE SOUNDS! Learn to Be in Harmony beautifully with the World. Sound your life by Music of Your Soul. And then You Change your Perception of Space and All Your Illnesses Will Disappear. The Musical Energy you have chosen will create for you a Comfortable Background of the Life and will give a New Sense in Comprehension of People surrounding you and Things.

    4. The quantity of Talents given by the God to the Artist, defines the importance and the validity of his products.

    5. Remember, God loves you and He sends you Life-giving Energy - Music. God remunerates quantity of Talents of some People, which, further as Artists, oblige on the Divine calling to create for Mankind the Musical cloth, which should shroud a worldly life, cure Spirit and flesh, to form Hope and Belief.

    Search, listening to your Soul and Heart!

    Askura Alexander Shkuratov

    26. Feb. 2007, 22:52

    Who has killed a Spammer?
    WOW!!! NASTASYA has given out brand new!
    The author and the musical producer - Askura Alexander Shkuratov
    Lethal department!
  • NEW Album "Sight from Russia" World - Progressive

    7. Nov. 2006, 22:44

    NEW Album "SIGHT FROM RUSSIA" World - Progressive

    All music, lyrics, arrangements & sound by Askura Alexander Shkuratov.
    Back vocal: Tanya Shkuratov.


    Our World interesting and beautiful because He is Great and Diverse. The set of cultures, nationalities, ethnoses, and religions make the World polyphonic and attractive. Many artists use in the creativity various colour of national cultures. Example for this purpose is Alexander Shkuratov's "Askura" project. Fourth album Askura - "Sight from Russia".
    It is logic continuation of first three albums of project "Askura": "From Nowhere", "Enjoy my God", "10 Revelations".
    During an epoch of rapid development of industrialization more and more the Mankind aspires to sources of culture, to sources of the Internal Maintenance. Alexander Shkuratov is a unique Author and Producer who is capable to connect different World Cultures in united musical space. This space it is Music. SHE draws to herself beautiful melodies, harmony and feelings. If in Alexander Shkuratov's one compositions can harmoniously to be combined shades and originality of world cultures then the Mankind is capable to live in the Consent and Peace.

    It is impossible to put a priority to one culture, thus neglecting other culture. Ours the common riches it's recognition and understanding of all cultural property of our Planet. The Music weaved from flowers of our World, it also is Alexander Shkuratov's Music.
    Like each other, listen to Beautiful Music, and Feel the World in all His Divine variety.
    It is Alexander Shkuratov's Sight at the World.
    Askura Alexander Shkuratov
  • Crazy Stuff from Russia!

    30. Aug. 2006, 11:53

    Askura Alexander Shkuratov represents NEW album POWER & GLORY!
    All Music, lyrics, Arrangements, Sound and Performance by Askura Alexander Shkuratov.
    Attention to anyone who likes ROCK-TRASH-TECHNO-PSYHO!!!
    Crazy Stuff from Russia!
    The hysterical album filled with unusual energy,
    psychedelic and other supernatural properties!!!
    Rare exclusive reactor! This is like Crazy! Ye..
    The album clings from the first up to last track!
    It is an invaluable surprise for fans of the Progressive Rock!
    Analogues are not present!
    The Atomic Sound, Schizophrenia in a vocal, Mad Rhythmic, all this will Blow Up in your brains
    And you will be happy, as chest babies in embraces POWER & GLORY!
    Attention!!! At listening an album it is necessary to dress the acton and a helmet!
    Just in case, all this indescribable Nightmare is created and performed by one not the standard musician.
    It's Multi-Man from Moscow - Askura Alexander Shkuratov.
    For ever!!!
  • A walk in Space.

    23. Aug. 2006, 23:32

    Greetings from Moscow!
    I invite you to take a walk in space.
    Is it cool? My Page on MySpace Music. I wait for you.
    Askura Alexander Shkuratov