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  • basstheorychaos

    I like how Sleepyhead is at the top of your Top Tracks. :P

    September 2010
  • emmkitt

    Thanks for accepting. You should keep doing your songs of the day! I've just listened to all of them and you have nice taste. :)

    April 2010
  • tompatterson

    yeah but im gonna have to do something about the 305 play count on my itunes

    April 2010
  • butibelievedyou

    really?? thats not too bad. i am a little tempted. its not sold out??

    März 2010
  • basstheorychaos

    Out of all the people I actually know, you're the only one who is still "Super" with me. :/ Weird how that has happened...

    März 2010
  • x721Andyo

    waddup asianman, rock that blink!! ;)

    Dezember 2009
  • butibelievedyou

    haha get a ticket and come, all i have been able to do is listen to pixies

    November 2009
  • chicagofly

    hey:) looks like we have a lot of music in common! I think you should take a listen to some of my band's music. i know you'd like it:

    September 2009
  • dskiz

    You have been my neighbor for soooo long. And for that I love you.

    April 2008

    Still lonely. Neighbour! Nice photo :]

    März 2006
  • ckennington

    aww your shoutbox looks lonely <3

    Februar 2006