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Record Label to fiN

The Southwest London schoolmates-turned-twenty-something guitar pop visionaries Jonny Garner, Simon Harding, Kerry Lambert and Luke Joyce, decided on leaving behind their grunge covers band roots in November 2008, utilising their childhood roots in Motown, The Beatles, Led Zep and Nirvana and channelling their creative forces for the reinvention of alt.rock.

fiN wrote, recorded & produced their debut album themselves in a disused shelving factory in Wandsworth; true DIY and total freedom. "It started out quite heavy but we didn't want to be just a heavy band. We wanted to be a band that wasn't afraid to write pop songs as well as still have the indie-rock element."

Mixed by Muse, Two Door Cinema Club and Foo Fighters impresario Adrian Bushby, after the band sent a track to him on a whim, they set the mark as "the heaviest indie band around." The band aren't just treading fresh paths with the sound either.


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