10 Influential Songs of 2006


10. Jan. 2007, 4:30

Did this in my journal proper, so thought I'd do it here too. The ten songs that helped shape my 2006.

Venus in Furs
I had a major obsession with this song for a fair while there, and it was the first inkling of interest in BDSM. Ended up being my little anthem as my interest grew. Thus, my tag on pretty much all BDSM sites is now "whiplash girlchild". Felt it fitted.

Battle of One
Track of absolute defiant freedom. Used to love hollering it out in my house alone, when no one could hear me.

Better Be Home Soon
The song I chose to be played over the slide I made for my mother's funeral. Can no longer listen to this song.

Spawn Again
Another great, aggressive song. Urged me to at least give veganism a shot. Too bad I'm now anemic, though it's unrelated.

All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey
Jess and I share this song for our new life in Sydney. "Move into the city, worry all your mental health", etc. Just a fun, happy song that we often listen to coming home from work as a pick-me-up.

You and Whose Army
Listened to Amnesiac on tape so many times it's not funny. And this song came to be perfect to me; lonely and comforting. It's a song I run to when I'm feeling like I need to find myself.

Raspberry Swirl
Defiant break-up song for me, a bit. Boyfriend at the start of the year was saying he'd never go down on a girl, it's not gross. But us going down on guys, that's fine. I hold this song up proudly: "if you want to get inside her world, boy you better make her raspberry swirl". Plus, it's just a great dance song, one of our regular songs before we go out for the night. "Waiting for the boys, can't be men". Fuck 'em!

Happy Phantom
Got me through many a bad day in my old job. Be feeling crap and stressed on right on the edge, and I'd just keep humming it to myself, singing it in my head. Sustained me brilliantly.

Faster Than Light
Discovered this at work, was another relaxation song. Listened to it a lot at home and work, was just a beautiful song that lifted my spirits time and time again.

Feel It
Heh ... well. Frankly, this song for me will now always be associated with BDSM and sex, though it's about sex anyway. When I was first ... well ... experimenting, this song plus a fair few other Jakalope songs were the music I used to relax myself and open my mind a bit.

So there we go. Ten songs that made my 2006.


  • D2Dlivesinme

    [quote]Another great, aggressive song. Urged me to at least give veganism a shot. Too bad I'm now anemic, though it's unrelated.[/quote] That is one of the reasons I tried veganism and settled on vegetarianism for almost a year... didn't last though... and yeah that VU song is a classic...

    11. Jan. 2007, 5:01
  • D2Dlivesinme

    also if you want other songs that deal with bdsm I reccomend I Wanna Be Your Dog

    12. Jan. 2007, 11:21
  • Artemisian

    Know it a bit, mainly through the cover I've got from Sid & Nancy :P I don't know, for me doesn't get the essence of it anywhere near as well. I mean, it's more kinky than submissive. Puppyplay's not my thing anyway :D

    14. Jan. 2007, 23:25
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