• And track 2,500...

    11. Mai. 2007, 10:41


    After 11 months. Shows how slow I am.
  • This is just a reminder of the records I need to buy.

    9. Mai. 2007, 5:24

    Music Magic in Central Market has closed, so I have no choice but to wait till I'm in the States to purchase the albums that I want. So this is my list; feel free to put some recommendations, as long as I can order them with ease in the US.

    All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
    How Lonely Sits the City
    Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain
    The Outcome Fosters Detachment
  • I still buy cds. Go me!

    6. Feb. 2007, 14:08

    Considering each cd weighs in at about RM70 each (USD19), each cds purchase seriously bankrupts my ass to no end.

    In the past 6 months, I have purchased 16 cds. You do the Math.
    Yanqui U.X.O.
    Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
    The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore
    You Are There
    Ape Kill Ape
    The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
    Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
    Agaetis Byrjun
    Ten Rapid
    Young Team
    Mr. Beast
    Signs Reign Rebuilder
    What We Must
  • Oh God orgasm @ 2007 albums!!

    15. Jan. 2007, 9:38

    Haha, now that I have your attention, here are the 2 albums I'm looking forward to this year, hopefully I can get it for my 19th birthday.

    All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone
    Yes, the princes of post/space rock has returned with their brand new album, and if the track Welcome, Ghosts is anything to go by, its a somewhat matured band that is playing the same ype of music, only with more conviction and confidence.

    Neon Bible
    So Pitckfork gave them a 9.7 for Funeral. No pressure, right? Well, I'll admit to having 5 of the 11 tracks as of now (hah!), and after listening to them, they make me REALLY REALLY wanna buy the album. Trust me, I haven't been this excited about a band with vocals since Mew, Frengers era. It's really good, the organs on Intervention is enough to send you cascading into an ocean of noise and not wanting to get out until you're ears are bleeding red.

    If you have anymore recommendations for 2007 I'd like to hear it. Thanks.
  • Rock The World 7, A Review

    17. Dez. 2006, 6:45

    So the festival's over, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed by it. For all its hype of 50 bands, 3 stages and whatnot, I turned out below my expectations. The best way to describe it is like listening to a 65 minute album with 45 minutes of filler.

    There were, of course, some great acts, including some I never expected to be good. The main stage opener, Tempered Mental, definitely rocked the house, and energised the crowd. Melina (I think that's her name), is perhaps the best bass player in Malaysia, and she ain't too shabby looking either. 4/5

    I then went to the Discovery stage to catch Sofa Sessions. I don't think anyone know this band prior but after the sonic assault of Tempered Mental, some softer rock felt good. 4/5

    To the indie stage, then. Lucy in the Loo is one those twee(?) bands that definitely catches your eye. Cuz here you've got a four-piece of guitars, and right in the middle this tiny woman with a sweet voice manages to capture the audience with her wonderful voice. 5/5

    Jerome Kugan is this weird kid with a mohawk and a nosering. Surprisingly, I found his electronica backing tracks very soothing, a reprieve from all the hard rock of the festival. Unfortunately, he ain't no great vocalist. 3/5

    The lack of better artists led me back to the main stage to see Lo. I find it ironic that this Causasian wrote the most Malaysian song in this festival. If anyone knows the "paper lama" song? Anyone? 3/5

    I went to see Pop Shuvit and Estranged out of pure curiousity. I'll give them kudos for an okay performance, but rap-metal's not my thing. Sorry. 2/5

    People who watch Blastoff might recognise Auburn. I don't, so I came in with no knowledge. But I still enjoyed it. I think this is their biggest audience yet, so kudos to you for a good show. 4/5

    Here's where the festival went downhill, really. The Discovery stage went without electricity for an our, so I went to the back area, just in time to see Serena C interviewing Love Me Butch. I came back in time for this guy called Reza Salleh. Some good ol' rock and roll cheered me up, and remind me to check this out some time. 4/5

    I swear I've seen 2 members of Soft Touch around before. Oh well, they still gave an okay show, nothing new, just... okay. 3/5

    Anyway, while waiting for some band, I caught this dude Issac Entry on stage, with some good ol' funk and an harmonica player. Along with Reza I'm checking this guy out in the future. 4/5

    The band I was waiting for is called They Will Kill Us All, and they were among the best acts in that festival. I had a great time, and I really, really wanna see them again if I ever get the chance. Oh, and if the frontman sees this, I was the one who waved to you outside backstage. 5/5

    Because of TWKUA's set, I only managed to see one song from Couple, but I still think they were quite good. Honestly, I wanna see these guys again sometime. 4/5

    It was already 9-ish at that point, so I sat down to see Dragon Red. Apart from a surprisingly good cover of surprisingly good cover of System of a Down's Chop Suey, their songs sounded all the same. 2/5

    After a long rest on the side, I went down to see Pete Teo and his small legion of fans. Armed with only a guitar, he gave a wonderful show that was only marred by the noise outside. 3/5

    Ah, Kuala Lumpur Post-Harmonic Quintet, what do I say about thee? How about this; etheral, wonderful, orchestral post-rock that makes me wanna go to your shows over and over again. If you ever get the chance, CATCH THEM LIVE. They don't release recorded material, so that's the only way to hear their music. 5/5

    There are many other insignificant acts that just sucked, so I won't mention them, cause judging by the mosh pit I'd say some of these bands really had some fans, though I have no idea what the **** they're thinking. Thanks. Comments are welsome.
  • Notable underground bands. Part 1

    9. Okt. 2006, 14:36

    1.Saxon Shore
    First song: Secret Fire, Blinding Light
    Favorite song: The revolution will be streaming.

    2.Damn Dirty Apes
    First song: Rebel Scum
    Favorite song: Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacles

    3.Lazlo Hollyfeld
    First song: Everything you know is gone
    Favorite: Simian Winter

    4.Frail by Design
    Favorite: Story of the Broken Instrument

    5.This Will Destroy You
    Favorite: All of their songs are equally good.

    And then there's me.
    Armand Tanzarian