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Über mich

Hello there pop pickers...... oh hang on that was Fab FM doh!

So what should I be listening to then? Let me know!

Bands/Artists that are never too far away from my cd player/turntables are:

Led Zeppelin : Metallica : The Wildhearts : Therapy? : The Big : Terrorvision : Violent Femmes : Tricky : Portishead : Richard Cheese : White Stripes : Blur : Foo Fighters : Cream (Clapton and Co) : Motorhead : Weezer : The Art Of Noise: Glen Miller : The Frames : The Revs : King Adora : Elastica : Madness : King Prawn : Deep Purple : Slayer : Turbonegro : Smashing Pumpkins : Nine Inch Nails: The Subways : Towers Of London : The Bravery: White Zombie/Rob Zombie: Radiohead : Cake: Nobodaddy: Me First And The Gimme Gimme's: Primary Slave: Shed Seven: The Bluetones: The Prodigy : Machine Head : SOAD : Madness : NIN : Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation : Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band...........oh that will do for now.

If you want me to listen to The Darkness or Nickelback........just be warned I may be 'slightly' anti to your request!

I love my comedy with a bit of cutting edge and follow programmes like: The Young Ones: Red Dwarf: Bottom: Derek and Clive: Filthy, Rich and Catflap: Monty Python: Big Train: Fast Show: Little Britain.

Although I'm calming down a little bit these days I still love going to live gigs, take a look at my history to see if you were at any I attended. I'm a long way of completing it at the moment - but I'll get there I'll promise.

Well if you want to know anything more then ping me a message etc etc etc.

I sometimes pop in and use this website as well :

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