the cinnamonguy quartet!!! un-live!!! nowhere!!!

The famous northern irish pair embark on a groundbreaking live album comprised of all their greatest hits (all their songs) recorded right in their home town of tandragee.
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Titel Dauer
1 The CinnamonGuy QuartetTranslucent_Air Thingy kostenloser Download 0:35
2 The CinnamonGuy QuartetHate My Life, Love My Shoes kostenloser Download 1:21
3 The CinnamonGuy QuartetA Bequest (Trailer) 0:50
4 The CinnamonGuy QuartetHumanity Enjoyer kostenloser Download 0:56
5 The CinnamonGuy QuartetHeartfelt Hammock (My Mistakes Are Mine To Live By) 0:43
6 The CinnamonGuy QuartetHello Please Come In For A Cup Of Tea 1:14
7 The CinnamonGuy QuartetAre You Dead Yet? (Children Of Bodom Cover) 0:48
8 The CinnamonGuy QuartetJeremy Jittersticks (Pool Germs Medley) 1:28
9 The CinnamonGuy QuartetRecrucifixion Wounds (AKA A Blessing In Disguise) kostenloser Download 1:11
10 The CinnamonGuy QuartetSmackdown (VS RAW) [ RiC FlAiR remix) 0:22


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