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Über mich

Names Joey, Nice to meet you.
I'm a teenager....what more is there to really say?
My iPod is like my battery, music is a HUGE part of my life, it's food for the soul & the flavour of life.
My friends are some of the other most important aspects of my is my boyfriend (yeah I swing that way too) as well as my opinion (and I DO have one so...sorry if we dont see eye to eye I'm quite stubborn)

NOTE: Contrary to popular belief, and my hipocrytical screen-name I'm not ACTUALLY an "Anime Freak"....its good occasionally, but I set up that name when I was 12 and it just sounded cool. Sorry for any inconvienience caused for the comment you NEARLY left me asking did I like Naruto. (Which btw...I REALLY dont!)

I enjoy sunlight at daybreak, coffee, bitchy arguments, guilty pleasure tv, cuddeling, skipping classes occasionally (I say occasionally I MEAN it's a habit I'll be permanently kicked out for), books, CD's as opposed to Mp3's, and as emo as this may sound...alone time.

Im charming enough, dont be afraid to say hi.
Introductions over...that was'nt so hard..