• Anathema, Atak Enschede: Magic!

    11. Jul. 2011, 7:27

    Fri 8 Jul – Anathema, KinKobra

    It has been a while for Anathema to visit the Netherlands, but it was definitely worth the wait. Half of the songs were from We're Here Because We're Here, but Closer and other hit songs were also part of the setlist.
    The new Atak venue in Enschede proved a definite match, delivering the full worth of Anathema's musical quality. And musical quality it was! The brilliant atmosphere of "We're here" came across great and both Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Douglas delivered beautifully. It's wonderful to see the songs performed just as good live as on CD even when they are as complex as they are. I've you'd close your eyes it was just as good as the 5.1 surround DVD that comes with the album.
    The whole performance produced a true sense of awe and I just couldn't stop myself being mesmerizer. I couldn't think of any other comments then just saying 'wow!' all the time.

    Me and my friends decided the next day to go again next evening. I really was one of the best concerts I've ever witnessed!