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Über mich

Hi, my name is Andy, I'm a selfless, sweet, loving, caring and respectable type of person. Most people ask me how everyone couldn't love me but I honestly don't know, It just seems like most girls are just out to use and cheat on me all the time but I've learnt to not give in and if they really love and respect me then they'll wait.

My friends tell me that I've got a cool head, a positive attitude and all that other stuff that girls want their boyfriends to have, yet it doesn't actually seem like girls want that stuff anymore. I'm also told that I'm light-hearted, fun, romantic and not too sleazy which is a great combination.

I'm not big on playing hard to get because I don't go for those sneaky love games but I admit that I've fallen for love games in the past and I've learnt to avoid girls that play them. To be honest I'd much rather approach people with a smile and an innocent shrug of my shoulders, I also need to be careful not to tread into Phony Country and to stay adorable in my own unique way, not the Shirley Temple way lol.

It makes complete sense that some people want to be my friend, I'll do anything to make their life better even if it means making my own life a little worse because that's what friends and boyfriends do right?

My friends commend me on my generosity and tell me that I need to make sure to look out for my own needs too because being too nice can lead to people taking advantage of me.

If there's anything else you ant to know then feel free to ask, if not then have a nice day and thanks for reading....

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