Song of the Day (Feb. 3 2012)


4. Feb. 2012, 4:56

Shimmer by Fuel

This is currently what I feel like because of the lyrics "Here and now, will we ever be again?"...Just cuz of my guy-friend that i had a tiff with... for almost a year. Today I kind of "called him from the cold" so to speak. I haven't fixed anything yet but I think i figured out how to. It'll take a while, but it will eventually pay off... pretty sure. Previously, I had tried to let go of our friendship cuz it would just be easier, but I realize that I need him in my life. Oh, if I haven't mentioned before I kind of have an unrequited love thing going on with him. Sorry to throw that at you, but otherwise the story doesn't make much sense. We used to just... talk for hours endlessly, and then idk, life just got in the way. But I realized that I don't want our "shimmer" to fade away... again. I'll write you later=]


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