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  • MrDaNeShady

    dope library dude!

    16. Sep., 20:38 Antworten
  • norm4nd

    next level charts

    18. Aug., 0:24 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    I guess it goes like that, eh. As an rapper, he really was talented, lyrically he can control listener, control to feel them words, hear them, no matter of subject. I don't believe that he really had tracks what wasn't intended to be heared. I Have the newest Atmosphere under of listening right now, albums started strongly, i wait a lot _b

    25. Jul., 13:15 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    Yeah, Slug's raps and Ant's producing is been great from 90's to this day. i just thought that it's good time to give a shot to their newest album _b But my favorite album by the label is "By The Throat" by Eyedea & Abilities, never get tired of it, even if it is damn short, but maybe that is one part of the strength of it heh R.I.P. Eyedea. it is best way to cut off the pressure of telling the best one when youre drop all the names out immediately :D

    25. Jul., 8:38 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    Indeed, a label of million and one styles, even just a Madlib gives a extra big bag of different flavas to peoples, i'd wish that they'd have a bigger catalog of different rappers in the label. Of Course they product a lot, but not sign in the label itself. Yesh, Rhymesayers needs own exclusive huge props too!!! Whos your fav in RS?

    24. Jul., 17:19 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    In some reason i didn't get a good grip of Pinata, it isn't bad, not bad at all, but i guess i waited too much of one of my favorite "upcoming" rappers x my favorite producers collab. Maybe i need to let the dust fall and give a another chance, without of too much of expectations. James Pants is good, but in some reason never had enough time to his products, stepkids isn't in the offing what comes to me. Stones Throw catalog is damn huge, it is hard to keep following all the releases lol

    24. Jul., 14:58 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    I see you're into of Stones Throw material, have you heard any good new albums? Last newest was Madlib's collab with Freddie, i still haven't even heard of Madlib's rock tapes, shiiieet. Need to fix the problem lol

    23. Jul., 8:42 Antworten
  • NeedsDeodorant

    No prob. I like that you have a load of differences between your top 10 artists x they're all good _b

    21. Jul., 13:53 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Заценил трек Канье Вест от Атмосов?

    8. Apr., 14:59 Antworten
  • ALEX1S вот такой набор)) Жалко, что с Атмосами в пролете. Ну, сказали на почте, что пока лучше ниче не заказывать

    8. Apr., 13:43 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Забрал предзаказ Гривза))

    8. Apr., 10:31 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Да ничего не сделаешь сейчас)) Толку-то

    7. Apr., 17:21 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Ну пойду на разведку на почту схожу, мало ли что

    7. Apr., 13:54 Antworten
  • ALEX1S ЗАЕБИСЬ. Хуя я Гривза получу теперь :(

    7. Apr., 11:47 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Они гавно не делают. В этом году у меня 2 альбома года)) Фрэнсис и Атмосфера

    2. Apr., 17:13 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Он же хороший друг Слага. Бля, заказал бы, но нет возможности никакой, потому что карты нет)

    2. Apr., 8:26 Antworten
  • ALEX1S Фрэнсис просто гений! Талант просто. 4 года альбом ждал

    2. Apr., 7:29 Antworten
  • ALEX1S вот какие ремиксы нужно делать))

    2. Apr., 5:41 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    Неа, я там зритель только)) Ору еще с Латентного Тони

    31. Mär., 16:23 Antworten
  • ALEX1S

    На респекте в теме политики)) Он ваще на голову ебанутый

    31. Mär., 15:57 Antworten
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