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21. Jan. 2006, 13:59

New discoveries:

I adore them. Very special. I took some time to actually like the music, but the more I listen, the more I like it.
Top track: Good Friday

This band has me. In a way they remind me of Sigur Rós They have the same dreamy, mysterous thing. But the difference is that for Mogwai I don't need to be in a special mood to like them.
Top Track: Hunted by a Freak

Laurent Garnier:
Actually this artist disappointed me. I'm absolutly crazy about The Man With the Red Face but when I downloaded some more stuff I just got bored with it.

Pink Martini:
They make me so happy and cheerful. They just make me want to sing along and dance.
Top Track: mmm, hard one. A tie between Sympathique and Donde Estas Yolanda

St Germain:
This is so my last-night music. Absolute GREAT music. I can't believe I hadn't heard of them before (I recognised the music though, but never heard of the name).
Top Track: So Flute

Sufjan Stevens:
I got to know this artist because people on WJNH were talking about him a lot. They have taste!
Top Track: Chicago

And some old Flemish artists: Jacques Brel, Jan De Wilde, Noordkaap, TC Matic

People should stop talking about:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah:
So I read the name like everywhere. I'm getting curious, I download, I listen and I don't get the fuss about them. Maybe this is music that takes a whole lot of time to get into, but really for me there's nothing about it.

If they keep airing this artist on the radio, I think I'll go crazy. I bought X&Y about 8 months ago and back then I just adored it. But now they're just a bunch of naggers. I was tired of their songs before people actually heard it on the radio...

Random tracks I like:

Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Be Yourself
Alpha Beta Gaga
New York, New York

Other quacking:

I'm having the same problem again with my fucking internet limit. I have 472 MB left for this month. I'm expecting to be on 56kb/s this night or tomorrow. Damn =S I shouln't download that much...

More happy thing: Death Cab for Cutie @ AB. =D I don't know yet if I'll go. But OMG! I just freaked when I saw it this morning and another great thing about it. No €40 to see a great artist, but €16!!!

Okay, I'll shut up now...


  • Andastre

    I listened to the big sound of the babou and it really disappointed me, so I decided not to download any further...

    21. Jan. 2006, 14:22
  • eheadache

    might look into St. Germain, Thanks. :-D

    21. Jan. 2006, 14:38
  • e-jazz

    St Germain - they're so huge ... I've stucked with them few years ago and it is still going on. Also check behind the scene: Stephane Pompougnac, Llorca, Eric Truffaz ...

    5. Feb. 2006, 18:11
  • Spatenstecher

    Listen to Explosions in the sky, also some kind of Post Rock-Band ;-) Reminds me of Mogwai!

    3. Mär. 2006, 16:55
  • pienicolas

    You should check out Flashback by Laurent Garnier, a huge dance track. Or Tribute from the 20th century, which is not just another techno track but an exciting tribute to Detroit, NYC and Chicago.

    12. Jul. 2006, 17:22
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