• Gira europea de Novembre con Evergrey

    3. Feb. 2009, 16:19

    Los maestros italianos Novembre han anunciado su próxima gira europea junto con los suecos Evergrey para este próximo abril incluyendo una posible fecha para Barcelona que seria el 12 de abril en Salamandra, a falta de confirmación oficial por las bandas.

    A continación os dejo la nota que han puesto Novembre en su web oficial:

    "NOVEMBRE tour news
    We regret to inform you that due to reasons out of our control will Novembre not participate on the Hellhounds festival tour in February. But with that said we have some positive news for you as well: Novembre will now team up with EVERGREY for a European tour in April 2009! We believe this will make a lovely package for you. So keep your eyes open for updates on this one!"

  • Antimatter disco en directo en abril

    5. Jan. 2009, 20:06

    Antimatter - ''Live@An Club'' will be released in April 2009 via record label 'Music In Stone'

    9 tracks, featuring Anathema's Danial Cavanagh.

    01 Over Your Shoulder
    02 Black Sun
    03 In Stone
    04 Working Class Hero
    05 Leaving Eden
    06 Hope
    07 Saviour
    08 Legions
    09 The Power Of Love


    '' Perfectly capturing the mood of a modern day acoustic Antimatter concert, 'Live@An Club' picks up where 2003's 'Live@K13' left off. In keeping with recent Antimatter album's shift from ethereal mood music to gruff acoustic rock, 'An Club' also makes a similar transition away from it's more sensitive sister album ''K13'' without losing an ounce of emotion.

    Featuring performances of many of the audience-favoured covers from this period, including fellow Liverpool classics 'The Power Of Love' and John Lennon's 'Working Class Hero', as well as standout Antimatter tracks including a stripped-naked version of the harrowing breakthrough track 'Leaving Eden'.

    Mick Moss's guttural, soulful vocals work best in a live setting, and returning is Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh.

    'Live@An Club' is a must for fans seeking to recapture the mood of an Antimatter concert, and for lovers of timeless acoustic music.

    RELEASE: April 2009
    LABEL: Music In Stone ''
  • Devin Townsend - Disco nuevo y EP para el 2009

    5. Jan. 2009, 20:02

    Información enviada por el propio Devin Townsend en su foro oficial:


    There's two albums. One is an EP.

    The first album is called 'Ki' and has 14 songs.

    A Monday
    Gato Negro
    Heavens End
    Lady Helen
    Quiet Riot
    Demon League

    It's not a band thing. It's the 'me' show, I had talked to both Gene and Ryan about the drums, but decided in the end to go with someone totally different, style wise as well as scene wise. The dude's name is Duris Maxwell.

    Ki has a bit of everything... a real purge. Complete 72 minute disk.

    The EP has been written at the same time and is just an absolute chaotic bizzare alien headfuck called 'Deconstruction Of A Cheeseburger' and is primarily electronic and guitar / Orchestra orieneted. (no drummer, not DFH tho...) I'm trying to get a grant to use a real orchestra and choir. It's fucked and awesome. Based on Karl Jungs collective unconcious and how anything (a cheeseburger?) can be traced back to the source. It will probably be released on the web. We're about to start working on a new site.

    Been designing amps and guitars with dudes. I'll let the cat out of the bag soon. Some cool stuff is on the horizon.

    No more producing for a while

    Filming the whole process for a bonus disk, (editing myself with Final Cut express...ugly bastard) ...taught by the Meatball.

    Getting PT8 next week.

    I'll get you more info soon.'
  • Nuevo disco de Paradise Lost para el 2009

    5. Jan. 2009, 19:56

    A continuación podeis leer la nota que han dejado en myspace:

    Gothic metal icons PARADISE LOST are currently preparing the recordings for their highly anticipated follow-up to 2007's extremely successful "In Requiem". Vocalist Nick Holmes comments as follows:

    "The album as yet untitled will feature around 10 tracks, among the titles are "First Light", "As Horizons End", "Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us", "Frailty" & "My Last Regret" - these are subject to change without notice!

    We are very happy with Rhys Fulbers work on the last album ["In Requiem"], but after working on 3 albums together we decided it was time to go for a different approach. After hearing the work he did with our "Anatomy Of Melancholy" Live DVD we decided that Jens Bogren was the man for the job. In February we will venture to Sweden to begin recording the album in Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden.

    There is no full time replacement for Jeff as yet, but as far as the album is concerned, the drum stool will be occupied by another Swede - Peter Damin. Sweden hails some of the best metal musicians in the world and Peter is no exception, we really look forward to working with him and his input on the album.

    Our approach this time has leaned even more towards the heavier side of things, even more so than the last. It is vital not to lose touch with our musical trip over the last 20 years. Our music may have had different facelifts, but it has always been "dark" and the new album will be no exception. Musically and lyrically.

    Writing a new album is always exciting, we never get bored of writing music, and for me, it is the best part of being in a band. Each album is like a challenge to better ourselves, or at the very least, do something that's different to everyone else. We strive to make the ultimate modern Gothic Metal album, and for me that has nothing to do with the common trend of "romance" & "roses". It should be music to be murdered by."
  • In Decadence Rehearsal 5

    5. Jul. 2007, 19:28

    Jordi, drummer of In Decadence playing another new song

    More similar videos in Youtube
  • In Decadence Rehearsal 3

    5. Jul. 2007, 19:22

    New song from In Decadence
  • Song nº 1.500

    7. Apr. 2007, 20:30