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Über mich

Let us begin. However, it would be incorrect to begin in such a manner as this. (There is only me in this and no one else exist to help me write what shall come after "Let us begin.") I would like to argue with myself for just a second if you won't think me crazy for it. (If you were to believe me to be crazy I'd still have written this before you even had the thought. So, sorry for even hinting at not arguing if you were to think me crazy.) I'm the same as you in the different state of life that is mine that is totally unknown to you. Yet, in the end I could be just trying to seem all creative and intelligent. (These are my thoughts and how they come out are to be judged always. It is the way of the world.)

After such a simple written introduction into what I am there was a noticeable fault hidden within. (Hidden to my eyes at least.) I totally forgot to argue with myself! In all that I exist to do . . . in every single step I take . . . there will always be some sort of individual tied to me . . . be it a close friend, family member, or some extraordinary being . . . all the sparks of life around me contain an infinite unbalanced amount of inspiration. I have never done something alone . . . only have I done something with eyes drawn to a window of endless imagination or possibly even reality.

Reality twisted within the looking glass can become and endless daydream. I often find it hard to realize where I'm going inside this universal life of mine. (An ever expanding piece of the whole that is all of existence. Universal Life is what this is.) Inside all of what I say could possibly be my answer for success or a simple switch that someone out there could notice is completely made of paper. (Easily torn to shreds on a whim . . . I surely hope not though.)

I would like now to share the amazing qualities I have dug up of the years. (Multiple shovels were used in the making of this "My Self-Summary.")

Colton is in the history of the world only if you were to know him. (Also, he isn't in the history of the world in the sense of making it a better place. Just merely in its history as a piece of the whole that never gets to be known by the entirety of existence. He is okay with this. However, he might like to get to know someone extraordinary to be his partner spark.) To judge is to see one as flawed . . . yet in that they are flawed they are the "perfect" example of the human race. No one is perfect and those who believe they are . . . are the furtherest from it . . . those who believe they are flawed are most likely those who deserve to be called perfect. (At least more so than those who say they are perfect. You can say you are the perfect you . . . that is all you can say . . . I'm so sorry to inform you . . . if you believe otherwise, the boat won't sink with you in it, because the boat itself doesn't like you. (That was humor . . . also, I'm just ranting I suppose . . . ) I would like to say I love myself in that I'm okay with being flawed.

I am the same, different, and unknown

I think about things that are odd . . . like how we drive in cars and our feet will never touch where the wheels touch. We'll never walk that road and get to know it as they do. Never get to touch all that we see. How sometimes we look out a window and wanna touch it all, if only wishes could come true. How reality can sometimes seem like a dream. How sometimes for just a splitsecond you seem out of place in the world and wonder why everyone else around you is there. How life sometimes just seems so unbelieveable that you can't help but lay down and stare up at the stars and see how much more unbelievebale the universe is. How sitting in a chair and starring at the words I've just written have blown my perception of myself into oblivion. How thinking about what I spend time thinking about makes me feel as if I could fly.