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Über mich

I'm not really sure what to Well I'm kind of shy but once you get to know me I can garentee you I'm not that shy. A few things you should know about me....well for ne thing I write, paint, and can be REALLY random. I hate people who judge others based on their looks, among other things, (seriously people get a fucking life). One of my favorite things to do is lay in the grass with my earbuds in with music cranked up so loud I can't think about all the shit in my life and find shapes in the clouds. I'm not pretty, sporty, popular, or anything really, I'm me and if you don't like that...well how can I put this nicely...........Fuck The Fuck Off........and have a nice day.
Through out my whole life i've had to deal with people who think they're better than me and I'm sick of it but thre isn't anything I can do about it...all my life I've been kind of invisible and I figure if they can't see me...they can't hurt me....Grr sorry I'm being depressing.
I don't want people to feel sorry for me. In fact what I really want is for someone to look past my outer shell and see what's underneath...
Um...well my favorite colors are red and black. My favorite writer is Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite moive.....don't make me chose...Favorite band...again so many....My birthday is June 9th. Yes, I'm a virgin. I'm bi. Oh and my name is Miranda. If you have anything else you want to know just ask.

Thanks for reading this~*~

(And before you as, yes that is me in the picture. What do you think ? ;P)