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Judas PriestPersecution 11. Dez., 14:12
RiotLoanshark 11. Dez., 14:08
U.D.O.Faceless World 11. Dez., 14:02
Judas PriestMetal Gods 11. Dez., 13:58
Bruce DickinsonDarkside of Aquarius (Demo Version) [Bonus Track] 11. Dez., 13:51
Tygers of Pan TangWinners and Losers 11. Dez., 13:46
RainbowSixteenth Century Greensleeves 11. Dez., 13:43
RiotRunaway 11. Dez., 13:38
UFONatural Thing 11. Dez., 13:34
Tygers of Pan TangHellbound Lieblingslied 11. Dez., 13:16
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Über mich

Born one stormy winter night in Brussels, i entered the world like most do, naked, small and screaming like hell. Dazed and confused, i left the warm comfort of my mother's womb for the cold hard reality of this existence, an existence that would be marked with great hights, and terrifying lows.

Oh the struggles of conformity i had to endure, the lack of intelligence i had to witness, the rise and fall of empires i had to live through, i saw Commodore rise to the dazzling hights, only to witness it plummet to it's death, like Icarus who flew to close to the sun, i saw the great wall of Germany fall, i remember the images of people breaking it down, running over to long lost relatives, and in my mind, all i could hear was Pink Floyd, at least i've always had good taste in music.

I still remember where i used to play Ms. Pacman as a kid, in the restaurant on the Oudenberg, i fondly recall tossing my year's savings into Gyruss during the winter fairs in the arcade on the market, my fascination with the digital realm lay dormant inside way back in those early, careless years, and that fascination still lives with me to this very day.

I experienced the torture that is MS-Dos, the beauty that was the Amiga, the wonders that came from Sega, and i can proudly say i was part of the 8-bit generation.

So here i am, on this highway to hell, living live like the typical geek, enjoying my monitor tan, looking in wonder at the stupidity in this world, laughing with the occasional meme, praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and cowering in fear for Tacgnol, for he is truly the bringer of darkness!
(google it) Ahem

The script-kiddies came to be, the bots arised to convert the numerous Windows lusers into mindless zombies, scavenging the 'net for tasty spam and phishing for credits, the white hats are fighting the black hats, and Linus gave birth to a penguin. Dolly was the carbon black copy of the family, mehhing it's way into the afterlife, and the U.S.A. astonished the rest of the world by proving that even an idiot can be president, and illustrating for once and for all, that it's truly the land of opportunities, surely, these times are exciting times, great things are ahead of us, great wonders of science, miracles of the human mind and dazzling entertainment, and then we'll invent skynet, or blow ourselves back into the stone age over some silly ancient religion, oh well, nothing lasts forever ;)

If you read all this you need a life

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (30 Aug 2008)
Tom Jones & Stereophonics - Mama Told Me Not To Come
5000th track: (24 Dec 2008)
Mötley Crüe - Enslaved
10000th track: (24 Apr 2009)
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
15000th track: (16 Jul 2009)
Dream Evil - Back From The Dead
20000th track: (24 Sep 2009)
Gary Moore - Midnight Blues
25000th track: (11 Dec 2009)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Saturn, Lord of the Ring; Mercury the Winged Messenger
30000th track: (12 Mar 2010)
Lordi - Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
35000th track: (07 Jun 2010)
Ice-T - Freedom of Speech
40000th track: (23 Aug 2010)
AC/DC - Beating Around the Bush
45000th track: (20 Oct 2010)
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
50000th track: (18 Jan 2011)
Astral Doors - From Satan With Love
55000th track: (04 Mar 2011)
Van Halen - Love Walks In
60000th track: (28 Apr 2011)
Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale
65000th track: (12 Jul 2011)
Van Halen - Right Now
70000th track: (21 Sep 2011)
Gillan & Glover - I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
75000th track: (05 Dec 2011)
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
80000th track: (20 Feb 2012)
Rainbow - All Night Long
85000th track: (01 May 2012)
Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane
90000th track: (06 Jul 2012)
Rainbow - Make Your Move
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