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AmethystiumArcus 14. Sep., 21:28
AmethystiumEthereal 14. Sep., 21:23
AmethystiumFable 14. Sep., 21:18
AmethystiumAutumn Interlude 14. Sep., 21:12
AmethystiumExultation 14. Sep., 21:06
AmethystiumArcus 14. Sep., 21:00
AmethystiumEthereal 14. Sep., 20:56
KeaneBedshaped Lieblingslied 14. Sep., 20:51
KeaneBedshaped Lieblingslied 14. Sep., 20:47
QueenBohemian Rhapsody Lieblingslied 14. Sep., 10:56
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Last Update: February, 19, 2013


Everyday I wake up, it's still today and tomorrow is a wish...!

Quiet frankly all my life depends on music! I love discovering and listening to music, studying and learning about music, writing songs and lyrics and if I'm fortunate enough to learn someday, composing songs! I have started my career as a singer-songwriter / guitarist, but the more I get into it the more I feel the need to learn and experiment!
In the end I want you all to wish me luck so I may repay you with my art someday and sometime!

Watch Me Play Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb

Watch Me Play Pink Floyd's Is There Anybody Out There

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