Our interview with Alex White, CEO of Next Big Sound


27. Nov. 2010, 20:39

Next Big Sound's massive digital data collection system is simply a must-have for anyone in the music business. If you’ve ever wished you had a personal assistant to monitor all of your social media sites, this might be for you.
A few weeks ago, I was cruising around on Facebook, checking in on a few friends that are on the inside of the music business, when I noticed the name of a website Next Big Sound. I'm not exactly sure what made me go check them out; it was either boredom or my never ending quest to quench a thirst I have for musical knowledge. Lately, part of the social network equation seems to be missing for many unsigned bands.
While I know that some of the old methods no longer work, the new methods can be difficult to implement and test for efficacy. The best way in my opinion is to not try to reinvent the wheel.

That is precisely where the Next Big Sound enters the picture and starts leveling the playing field. They can help any band, label or anyone else in the music business with their massive information collection system. Currently, they are tracking social media statistics on almost a half a million bands and the numbers are growing daily. In my opinion NBS is essential for anyone that wants to thrive or even just survive in the digital dimension that is called the music business these days.
The Next Big Sound is definitely one of the most innovative and exciting new tools that the music industry has ever seen.

I caught up with the CEO of Next Big Sound, Alex White and had a great conversation about his company: Click to read the entire interview the American Blue Scene:


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