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Über mich

Les charmes de l'horreur n'enivrent que les forts!

Mary have mercy now look what I've done but don't blame cuz I can't help where I come from.
Running is something that we've always done well & mostly I can't even tell what I'm running from.
Run from their pity, from responsibility.
Run from the country & run from the city.
I can run from the law, I can run from myself.
I can run from my life, I can run into debt.
I can run from it all, I can run til I'm gone.
I can run for the office & run for my cause.
I can run using every last ounce of energy.
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family.

They're hiding inside of me.
Don't change my life.
Help me if you might but don't tell my family.
They'd never forgive me.
They'd say that I'm crazy.
But they would say anything if it would shut me up......Shut me up.....Shut me up

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