• oh my godddd

    12. Mär. 2012, 0:46

    SO I found my olOOOLDDOodldoldoldoldodldsodkosl old xanga.. kinda feel like stabbing myself in the face now. ._. this is my profile oh god

    About Me

    About Me: wow. i used to be such a frikken' retard. I ACTUALLY LIKED FALL OUT BOY? WTF. well anyways. i'm 14, i'm an atheist, i'm homeschooled. my life revolves around nine inch nails, tacos, matt damon and the xbox.

    Video Games

    Games I Play: Wii - Resident Evil 4 MySims Wario Ware Rayman Raving Rabbids Twilight Princess Wii Sports Wii Play PS2 - Midnight Club DUB 3 Resident Evil Spyro 1-7 Crash Bandicoot 1-3 GTA3 GTA San Andreas GTA VC DDR Gran Turismo 2-4 Jak & Daxter 1-3 Ghost Recon 2 Spyro - all of them GC - Super Smash Brothers Resident Evil 3 Zelda WW Zelda OOT Zelda MQ Zelda MM Geist PC - The Sims 1-7 Wolfenstein 3D Duke Nukem The Sims 2 - all of them Ski Road Rash Diablo 1-2 Rainbow Six 1-5 Ghost Recon 1-5 Civilization 1-4 Xbox 360 - Halo 1-3 Gears Of War Half Life 2 Assassins Creed Guitar Hero 3 Rock Band GRAW
    Consoles: PS2, Xbox 360, GC, Wii, NDS,
    Favorite Characters: LEON SCOTT KENNEDY.
    Gaming Alias: Rainbow Jumper
    Favorite Classic Arcade Games: dig dug
    Most Addictive: rock band
    Proudest Achievements: beating RE4 without having a heartattack.
    Favorite Soundtrack: dwerefdsf


    Favorite Albums: pretty hate machine, the download spiral, broken, sin, with teeth, year zero, the fragile, and the list goes on..
    Favorite Songs: the fragile


    Favorite Cuisine: mexican
    Favorite Dishes: mexican
    Favorite Desserts: mexican
    Favorite Drinks: fresca
    Favorite Junk Foods: mexican
    Best meal ever: tacos
    My Original Recipes: mexican
    Favorite Restaurants: mexican
    Foods I hate: squid

    More About Me

    Interests: xbox, photography, heroclix, music, NIN, guitar, drums, cartoons, games, peanut butter and jelly.
    Occupation: photographer

    24. Feb. 2012, 17:08

    NUUUU BAHAHAH my very first song on was Hilary Duff!
  • S'OKAY

    12. Feb. 2012, 17:04

    This year I'm FINALLY going to -
    get my license
    go to college for photography/video game design/graphics design/computer science/history
    get a job.

    AND THEN, after I save up enough pesos, I shall be venturing forth to Cal-eye-for-ni-ay. W00T!
    :D Lately I've just been extremely elated/anxious about my future, I know I'm 18 and I should've been doing this a LOOONGG time ago, but these past few months I've had so many responsibilities just like.. thrown at me, so it was kinda inevitable that I had to 'grow up' in a way, does that even make sense to anyone but me? iunno. probably not. But for now I gotta go kick my dad's friends arse at Axis and Allies. schwiing
  • Mustard

    27. Jan. 2012, 18:40

    "sometimes i dream about turds in my sleep today i had a sheep

    sometimes when i crap i miss the toilet

    this is dedicated to justin...

    "your eyes are even bluer then the water in my toilet
    and if your eyes arent brown, then, they are green
    or blue.
    you must have fallen from heaven that would explain how you messed up your fa-a-a-a-ce
    id like to take you home right now
    so you can meet my mom because i
    i got him on ebay"

    AH CRIPES! this is from december 27th, 2007, it's from the blog of my stalker account on Myspa-che, me and phoebe were messing with this kid we knew in RL. LMFAOOO


    About Me

    "hi im amber and im 16 i dont like country music i have a dog named mash, a panda named loveboat, a parakeet named lucy, and a norwegian/jamaican emu named papa smurf. JUSTIN. I hate the '40s. '50's. '60's, '70's, '80's, '90's and '00's .JUSTIN. I love the 90's and the 50's.JUSTIN. I never had a dad because he was locked up for killing children before i was born, and my mom is only 17 because my dad raped her.JUSTIN. I have diarrhea alot, but i am always constipated.JUSTIN. i have a high level of testostorone, so i have a mustache and i have hairy arms because i am part German.JUSTIN.
    i cant not never make to any sense
    which one of you beasts are sexy.JUSTIN. sexy beasts.JUSTIN. beast.JUSTIN. sexy.JUSTIN. .JUSTIN. sexy?
    i can post comments to myself but i cant subscribe to my own blog?.JUSTIN. screw you!.JUSTIN.
    Who I'd like to meet:
    gwen stefani and Micheal Jackson...also PeeWee Herman!.JUSTIN."




    boys, pies, forsaking people, and going commando.JUSTIN.

    country and techno and reggae also oldies and bluegrass.JUSTIN. ..

    baywatch and whorer movies.JUSTIN.

    tv land and espn pay-per view.JUSTIN.

    dictionairy, nora roberts, danielle steele, Dean Kootnz, old comic books, trashy romance novels, Walter and the farting dog.JUSTIN.

    my dad and this hot son-of-a-gun.JUSTIN.