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I started guitar lessons in 2005, so I've been playing for 6 years. 2 years later I started the 2 years of an audio productions course at H.B. Ward BOCES in Riverhead, NY. After graduation I decided that I want my life to be for making music. I was always a solo artist, b/c I found it easier working alone that conflicting with ppl who want to be the star member of a band, so I wanted nothing to do with any conficting . I only made one album of vocal tracks to see if I could be a vocalist as well, but my voice is only good for metal use in terms of dark deep vocals, growls and a type of children-of-bodom screaming, but if I sing a symphonic bass tone I'm good too.
From the audio class knowledge I learned to use the program REASON to make drum beats and synthesizer tracks. I had made lots of music, at that time about 4 or 5 albums worth, but had no use for it until I met a woman by the name, Liz Vicious in 2010, through Twitter. I had been shuffling through pics of beautiful women and even pics of very hot lady friends of mine, I even tried pics of some of my fav female celebrities but no of them had a soft lovely pose of themselves that could fit the feel I had for the album cover of my very first instrumental/beat album , "Luminescent Beauty", I had then looked up a pic of Liz Vicious and found the perfect pic of her -- soft cool colors, a calm beautiful face and honestly one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen, even though in this pic she was in her underwear, hahaha. Sorry pervs no nudity. I had been following on her on Twitter, even though at the time there were several poser profiles, but I had luckily found the legit and real Liz Vicious. I asked her through a mention post if I could use a pic of her as my album cover, and she replied in approval. I then posted on YouTube a video of some demo bits of my music for ppl to hear. I then received a reply on Twitter, after posting the video link, from Liz informing me of a comic she was creating, and asked if I would be interested in making scoring music for it. I happily accepted to do the music. Over time, in 2010, we had completed 2 comic issues and sold copies of the comic book. It was a good start to get into figuring out how to get my music to work and fit in videos, to match the mood of the scenes, the senerios, settings and actions; when you do this everything has to fit properly. You can't put a heavy metal song to a romantic peaceful love-scene.

Personally, I want to work doing music for movies, video games, TV shows and commercials (including movie trailers).

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