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My Sad CaptainsKeeping On, Keeping On 20. Jul., 18:42
My Sad CaptainsHardly There 20. Jul., 18:36
My Sad CaptainsAll In Your Mind 20. Jul., 18:33
My Sad CaptainsExtra Curricular 20. Jul., 18:27
My Sad CaptainsAll Times Into One 20. Jul., 18:21
My Sad CaptainsIn Time 20. Jul., 18:14
My Sad CaptainsWide Open 20. Jul., 18:09
My Sad CaptainsGoodbye 20. Jul., 18:04
BlurBugman 17. Jul., 21:49
Nils Landgren & Johan NorbergLike someone in love 17. Jul., 21:47
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  • mynameisliam

    My name is Liam Cooke. I study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands and I am currently conducting research into how UK Youth aged 16-30 use Last.FM. Below is the link to my survey which should take approximately 5 minutes and your cooperation is greatly appreciated! The answers you provide will be entirely anonymous and will not be shared with third parties as I will handle your answers discretely. If you are interested in the final results I would be glad to share these with you. Thank you so much!

    7. Apr. 2011 Antworten
  • hijamiefans

    Hey, well done mate...I just typed your name in at random, and apparently our compatability rating is 'high!'

    11. Nov. 2006 Antworten