ABBAUnder Attack Lieblingslied 66
ABBAWaterloo Lieblingslied 3
ABBAThe Winner Takes It All Lieblingslied 1
ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You Lieblingslied 38
ABBARing Ring Lieblingslied 30
ABBAI Have a Dream Lieblingslied 5
ABBASuper Trouper Lieblingslied 26
ABBALay All Your Love on Me Lieblingslied 47
ABBAThe Name of the Game Lieblingslied 17
ABBAAndante, Andante Lieblingslied 44
ABBARock Me Lieblingslied 26
ABBAMy Love, My Life Lieblingslied 19
ABBAGonna Sing You My Love Song Lieblingslied 4
ABBAHoney Honey Lieblingslied 24
ABBASlipping Through My Fingers Lieblingslied 26
ABBAOne Man, One Woman Lieblingslied 11
ABBAThe King Has Lost His Crown Lieblingslied 2
ABBALovers (Live a Little Longer) Lieblingslied 1
ABBADisillusion Lieblingslied 10
ABBAWhy Did It Have to Be Me? Lieblingslied 31
ABBAIf It Wasn't For The Night Lieblingslied 12
ABBARing, Ring (English Version) Lieblingslied 14
ABBAEagle - Long Version Lieblingslied 1
ABBARing, Ring - US Remix Lieblingslied 7
ABCPoison Arrow Lieblingslied 7
ABCMany Happy Returns Lieblingslied 7
ABCThe Look of Love, Pt. 4 Lieblingslied 11
Adam and the AntsPrince Charming Lieblingslied 3
Adam and the AntsPicasso Visits the Planet of the Apes (demo) Lieblingslied 0
Adam and the AntsStand and Deliver Lieblingslied 0
Aileen QuinnTomorrow Lieblingslied 3
Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Lois DeBanzie & Edward HerrmannTomorrow [White House Version] Lieblingslied 1
Aileen Quinn, Toni Ann Gisondi & ChorusHard Knock Life Lieblingslied 5
AirHow Does It Make You Feel? Lieblingslied 3
AirBathroom Girl Lieblingslied 9
AirSuicides Underground Lieblingslied 6
AirRadio Number 1 Lieblingslied 15
AirCherry Blossom Girl Lieblingslied 44
AirRun Lieblingslied 9
AirSurfing on a Rocket Lieblingslied 7
AirOnce Upon A Time (Radio Edit) Lieblingslied 8
AirCrickets Lieblingslied 5
Air SupplyAll Out of Love Lieblingslied 17
Alan MenkenSkid Row (Downtown) Lieblingslied 0
Alessandro SafinaYour Song Lieblingslied 1
Alex ChiltonDowntown Lieblingslied 1
Alisha's AtticI Am, I Feel Lieblingslied 1
Alisha's AtticIrresistable U Are Lieblingslied 0
Alisha's AtticIndestructable Lieblingslied 0
Alisha's AtticAlisha Rules the World Lieblingslied 0