• Korobase's Guest DJ Spot on Deepwell Project's MySpace...

    16. Jul. 2007, 17:18

    That's right, Korobase has a one hour mix guest spot on the MySpace page of California Trance group Deepwell Project. You can find the mix at this address!

    Head over and take a listen to Korobase mix some tracks. ^_^

    6. Apr. 2007, 10:36

    After many days of struggling to find a new name, TND has finally found one that he is going to go with. Seeing as "TND" appears very frequently through music, TND has changed his name to "Korobase." If you have any songs by TND, please change the artist ID to Korobase. Also, the "TND" page will be taken down, and a Korobase page will be put up. Don't worry, though, the tracks aren't going anywhere. Even if I have to spend hours re-uploading everything myself. >_<
  • I did this.

    17. Nov. 2006, 22:58

    This is a mash-up I created using Virtual DJ. If you want to have a copy of it, or if it sounds interesting, email me.

    Welcome to my Party (c)DJ N'Erick
    Sandstorm (c) Darude