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Show Me the SkylineI Can't Explain It kostenloser Download 12. Jun. 2012
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Über mich

Hallo!! ^_^
I'm trying to be as peppy as I can be, I'm usually sarcastic but I have my happy times..(:..
._.'' I feel like such a negative influence. You just have to get to know me for me to open up to you and gain my trust bit by bit..
Sooner or later you could be my best friend, hehe. [: Last.fm buddies? lool.
I am German and Russian! Evil mixture as people say, but I'm actually British and French as well. n_n
I can be an ass at times. Luckily, I realize that, but that's only because it amuses most people. If I say you amuse me, it can be in a good way and/or a bad way. Bad as in you're so fucking stupid. <3 Don't worry I still love those people though. c:

Few things I love:
-CoD Black Ops
-Videogames in general.
-Scary movies
-Screamo and metal
-How I cannot even write an 'About You' paragraph and shit. I'm just an awkward person.

Add me for a hyper, sarcastic, and usually jerkish time.

Music is my fucking life. <3



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