• Hallowmas 2010 Night Event - World/Inferno and In Cadeo

    1. Nov. 2010, 6:25

    Sun 31 Oct – Hallowmas

    Copied directly off my dudes and dames i've seen live list on RYM.

    Hallowmas 2010 @ The Brooklyn Bowl

    This year's big surprise were these GIGANTIC PUPPETS of a cat, a ghost, and The Great Pumpkin during the Great Pumpkin Song, as well as some circus performers and ...break dancers? I couldn't really see that part...

    The venue was absolutely beautiful inside. It was the classiest goddamned bowling alley I have ever been to. We were a few hours early, so we played a couple rounds and grabbed something to eat at their restaurant (it was delicious.) We bonded with the lead singer of the opening band as well as accidentally bumping into the ex-percussionist and (accordion player? it wasn't Franz, but he said he did some for them) of World/Inferno on the subway (he and his lady were drunk as hell, but that's okay!) The songs played were decent, as there were actually TWO separate shows - one at 1pm and one at 9pm - and no songs were repeated. It was a great night, as expected.
    & In Cadeo opened.

    In Cadeo gets a special entry because I love them:
    Holy crap were they awesome. My group of friends and I were in the very front of the stage and the lead singer lent me his guitar for a few songs. Of course, I can't really play, so I was only able to contribute a bit of awkward chord strumming before they unplugged it and he switched a different one. I kept (and took pictures) of this guitar for two and a half songs before he asked for it back. He thought it was pretty funny though, so he actually gave us back the guitar at the very end of their set and left it plugged in for me to annoy the ENTIRE CROWD. :D
    Later on he awkwardly encountered my boyfriend in the bathroom (John was me for halloween, so he was wearing a green dress, stockings, and a scarf.) They exchanged a very awkward mental conversation while peeing, before saying HEY YOU'RE THAT GUY and then walking off. Note: John makes a VERY CONVINCING GIRL, so I highly doubt he knew John was a guy until the bathroom experience. In fact, John was hit on by guys several times while I was not around and mistaken verbally as a female by countless others.
    Later, the lead singer bumped into us by the ticket counter and we had a pretty awesome conversation about venues in Philly and the weather. He gave us all some free CDs and promised we'd see him soon.

    Coolest night ever.
  • May 22, 2010 – Alexisonfire, Trash Talk, Therefore I Am, La Dispute

    23. Mai. 2010, 18:03

    Sat 22 May – Alexisonfire, Trash Talk, La Dispute, Therefore I Am

    Some notes on the show:
    1. La Dispute vaguely sounds like Trophy Scars, but whinier (which makes sense because they came up in Trophy Scars radio a few times.) I still liked them. A bit slow, but they had some really sweet breakdowns.
    2. I did not expect Therefore I Am to be any kind of fantastic, but they were awesome +30. The lead singer was a real cool guy.
    3. He did, however, jump off the stage into a crowd of seven-ish people in the beginning of the set. My two friends and I happened to be in this crowd and ended up being the only ones holding him up, because the other four (and everyone else present) decided to back away. Soon, I was left with the singer's leg wrapped around my neck. Thanks guys.
    4. That said, a lot of the crowd was definitely hardcore show virgins. They complained about the crowd surfing, they complained about the circle pits, they complained about the "invisible ninja fighters." Sure, I did my own share of complaining, but that was about you dudes.
    5. The first thing I noticed about Trash Talk was that their drummer looked like a nerd. Later, he proceeded to take off his graph paper inspired flannel and vintage glasses to reveal a black band shirt and soon after that, he decided to go naked. I couldn't identify his chestpiece tattoo.
    6. Trash Talk's drummer was one of the best I have seen.
    7. Trash Talk was much rougher when compared to the rest of the bands. They were actually booed pretty hard at the end of their set (probably by the show virgins.) I really enjoyed watching their fans though. They were undoubtedly the most active and excited.
    8. At this point, I decided that Trash Talk actually played complex classical compositions backwards, periodically slowing and speeding them up, and cutting the song off at the most (scientifically determined) awkward note in the composition.
    9. Alexisonfire's set wasn't very impressive. The majority of the songs they played were from the new CD, which I never was much of a fan of. They chose slower songs, especially for the encore, which didn't get the crowd going as much as they could have. I was especially bummed out that they didn't play Mailbox Arson. After waiting years to see them, I was not pleased. Maybe my hopes were too high?
    10. They're great people though. Really funny guys, especially the bassist. He was totally silly. I liked him.