4. Sep. 2007, 18:30

The tag has evolved from a simple jazz ageish soundtrack for my eponymous comic to a rather nice eclectic mix.

I've got strong female singers:
blues empress Bessie Smith
vaudeville vamp Clara Smith
irrepressible Alberta Hunter
cheeky Berlinerin Marlene Dietrich
Édith Piaf, no regrets
naughty Lucille Bogan
courageous Nina Simone
cute & cuddly Annette Hanshaw

wistful Berliner Kurt Weill
passionate Claudio Monteverdi
unforgettable Ennio Morricone
quintessential Italian Giuseppe Verdi
Competing for Finland,
Oskar Merikanto
Jean Sibelius

Then I started tagging modern-day bands that I just need to listen to more often, all a bit retro (even retrofuturist!):
melancholy The Decemberists
The Dresden Dolls, sugar and spice
mischievous Squirrel Nut Zippers
out of sheer curiosity, Naftule's Dream
to satisfy my Germanophile leanings, Subway to Sally
ethereal and sexy Mediæval Bæbes
for fear of the Tatzelwurm, Sturmpercht
defiant IANVA - Fiume o morte!

Just because he sang Come on in My Kitchen,
Robert Johnson.
I like to hear that from a man...

And finally a homage to the French Symbolists:
Maldoror by Erik Friedlander

Needs more military choirs, socialist propaganda, jazz bands and Claude Debussy.


  • 2Serenity

    Loving it!! =)

    7. Sep. 2007, 7:30
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