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Lorne BalfeJohn Connor 4. Jul., 22:31
Lorne BalfeCome With Me 4. Jul., 22:27
Lorne BalfeStill After Us 4. Jul., 22:24
Lorne BalfeCyberdyne 4. Jul., 22:20
Lorne BalfeSarah Kicks Ass 4. Jul., 22:19
Lorne BalfeAlley Confrontation 4. Jul., 22:16
Lorne BalfeSarah & Kyle 4. Jul., 22:11
Lorne BalfeBus Ride 4. Jul., 22:09
Lorne BalfeBetter Days 4. Jul., 11:29
Lorne BalfeFate and Hope 4. Jul., 11:25
GaiaTuvan (Original Mix) 29. Jun., 18:29
Hans ZimmerWe Built Our Own World Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 18:27
PlanisphereNothing's Slave Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 18:21
Daft PunkEncom Part I Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 18:16
Daft PunkReflections 29. Jun., 18:06
Daft PunkReflections 29. Jun., 18:05
Hans ZimmerThe Fire Rises Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 17:57
Daft PunkC.L.U. Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 17:53
Ferry Corsten & Armin van BuurenBrute Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 17:43
HybridChoke Lieblingslied 29. Jun., 17:25
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More than likely you've come here possibly because we have similar music tastes.
Although I like most types of music, my main love is for Trance, Soundtrack (movies & games) and Anime.

I've always loved music. In my younger days I would listen to Rave and Techno but as the years have gone on I've broadened my tastes and I'm glad to say my ears have been taking less of a beating :D

Music is not to be heared but to be felt, let it take you to a place that only your imagination could reach.

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In case you wondered, I love cats!

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