My Top 20: First Song, First Love, & Current Favorite - Two Years Later


12. Jul. 2008, 14:57

Here we go again...

Post the top twenty bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. Dave Matthews Band
First Song: Crash into Me
First Love: Dancing Nancies
Current Favorite: Rhyme & Reason
Last List: #2

2. Led Zeppelin
First Song: Whole Lotta Love
First Love: Stairway to Heaven
Current Favorite: Ten Years Gone
Last List: #1

3. The Beatles
First Song: (I really don't know)
First Love: (Still don't know)
Current Favorite: Because
Last List: No Change

4. Kanye West
First Song: Through the Wire
First Love: Slow Jamz (feat. Twista & Jamie Foxx)
Current Favorite: Flashing Lights (Remix) (feat. R. Kelly)
Last List: #5

5. Radiohead
First Song: Knives Out
First Love: Paranoid Android
Current Favorite: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Last List: #6

6. Jay-Z
First Song: Ain't No N***a (feat. Foxy Brown)
First Love: Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
Current Favorite: Hollywood (feat. Beyoncé)
Last List: #14

7. Zero 7
First Song: In the Waiting Line
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: In Time
Last List: #4

8. The Beach Boys
First Song: Good Vibrations
First Love: God Only Knows
Current Favorite: Same as Above
Last List: No Change

9. John Mayer
First Song: No Such Thing
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: Vultures
Last List: #10

10. Coldplay
First Song: Yellow
First Love: In My Place
Current Favorite: Viva la Vida
Last List: #7

11. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
First Song: Crush
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: #41
Last List: #13

12. The Police
First Song: Every Breath You Take
First Love: Roxanne
Current Favorite: Driven To Tears
Last List: #9

13. Sade
First Song: Smooth Operator
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor remix)
Last List: #12

14. Phish
First Song: Simple
First Love: Stash
Current Favorite: Sample in a Jar
Last List: #17

15. Deftones
First Song: Change (In the House of Flies)
First Love: Digital Bath
Current Favorite: Same as Above
Last List: #16

16. Nobuo Uematsu
First Song: The Prelude (From Final Fantasy VII)
First Love: Awakening
Current Favorite: Don't have one now.
Last List: #11

17. Michael Jackson
First Song: Not sure of the exact song but I'm pretty sure it was on Thriller.
First Love: Not sure
Current Favorite: Human Nature
Last List: N/A

18. Lupe Fiasco
First Song: Kick, Push
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos)
Last List: N/A

19. Pink Floyd
First Song: Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2
First Love: Same as Above
Current Favorite: Speak to Me/Breathe
Last List: #15

20. Chamillionaire
First Song: Ridin' (feat. Krayzie Bone)
First Love: Bad Guy
Current Favorite: We Breakin' Up
Last List: N/A


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