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18. Dez. 2009, 12:28

of machines influenced post-hardcore band from philadelphia. without screaming and with high cleans

Casino Madrid
another new band that mixes trance and hardcore. pretty generic with autotuned cleans with million breakdowns. for those who like that stuff only.

Cities [DEAD]
ambient post-hardcore band from Florida. They have 3 demo's so far, one of which features Brennan from Oceana, sadly they have disbanded.
[url=http://[spam nofollow=yes]/dl/21047602/cd87716/Cities.rar.html]http://[spam]/dl/21047602/cd87716/Cities.rar.html

City In The Sea
good upcoming hardcore band

Dreamer (*)
ambient post-hardcore band from Florida. They have 2 demo's so far. Currently recording the debut EP, definately give them a listen if you like Oceana, Of Machines and all that.
[url=http://[spam nofollow=yes]/dl/20963428/6f97fc6/Dreamer.rar.html]http://[spam]/dl/20963428/6f97fc6/Dreamer.rar.html

Gamma Pulse
Metalcore band Indiana. 3 demo's so far and they are recording an EP. Some songs sound promising, others sound shit.

Like Moths to Flames
new metalcore band, made up by members of Agraceful and Terra Firma with the frontman Chris Roetter, formerly of Emarosa and Agraceful. They have released 1 demo so far.

My Foundation (*)
Relatively new band formed by the former Oceana frontman Keith Jones, musically similiar to Oceana's first album - The Tide. Currently searching for new members.

Another upcoming ambiental metalcore band. Will be interesting to see how it goes for them.

Ophira [DEAD] (*)
ambient post-hardcore band from South Carolina. They have 3 demo's so far and are recording an EP. Vocalist and drummer left the band, the rest of the members will be forming a new one under a different name.

Woe, Is Me
If you like Of Machines you will most probably like them, although they have a bit 'trancecore' in them, and are not as ambient sounding as Of Machines.
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(*) = my recommendation.
-all files working 256kbps rips.


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