18. Mär. 2009, 22:10

Gogol Bordello is one of those bands that make the crowd go mad by their authentic mix of so many influences ranging from punk to gyspy to noise or alternative and so much more, all of which powered by the massive display of energy of the members lead by frontman Eugene Hütz.

It's a real joy to listen to their concoction of genres and it's an even greater joy to discover yourself nodding your head, tapping your feet or even singing aloud lyrics as you sit in a bus, not knowing why the old lady in front of you is frowning. (start wearing purple for me now!!)

The real joy that I'd like to find is the one given by a concert of their gypsy-punk-humorist cocktail rock. Gogol Bordello have something that I admire greatly when it comes to bands, they create a pastiche of genres, humor and influences from other media that tempt the line of kitsch without crossing it. My opinion: this is hard to pull off. Kudos. And you can dance your ass off on their music too.

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Extensive Musical Taste, Born 1990
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  • SilViuS2K

    Ar fi meritat un loc la Woodstock... Ce-i al lor e al lor. Stiu sa faca atmosfera.

    19. Mär. 2009, 15:01
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