Random List of Good Canadian Artists


9. Feb. 2011, 22:59

Alexisonfire (post-hardcore, screamo, hardcore punk)
Arcade Fire (alternative rock, baroque pop)
BADBADNOTGOOD (jazz, hip-hop)
The Band (classic rock)
Boys Night Out (emo, alternative rock)
Braids (experimental, indie pop)
Broken Social Scene (alternative rock, post-rock)
Cancer Bats (hardcore punk, southern rock)
Classified (hip-hop)
Comeback Kid (hardcore punk)
Controller.Controller (post-punk)
Crowbar (the Canadian classic rock band, the last.fm page mostly covers the modern American sludge metal band of the same name)
Cursed (crust punk, hardcore)
Death from Above 1979 (dance-punk, noise rock)
Despised Icon (deathcore)
Do Make Say Think (post-rock)
THE END (mathcore, progressive metal)
Femme Fatale (noise rock, hardcore punk)
Fucked Up (hardcore punk, post-punk)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor (post-rock)
The Guess Who (classic rock)
Holy Fuck (experimental rock, electronic)
Hot Hot Heat (alternative rock, post-punk)
Ion Dissonance (mathcore, deathcore)
Japandroids (garage rock, noise pop)
KEN mode (noisecore, sludge metal)
Knucklehead (street punk)
Mares of Thrace (sludge metal)
Neil Young (classic rock, folk rock)
Propagandhi (punk)
Protest the Hero (progressive metal)
Rum Runner (folk punk)
Rush (progressive rock)
Sick Boys (street punk)
A Silver Mt. Zion (post-rock)
Silverstein (post-hardcore, emo)
Taima (aboriginal alternative rock, reminds me of Jeff Buckley or The Bends-era Radiohead)
Thine Eyes Bleed (melodic death metal, thrash metal)
Tim Hecker (drone, ambient)
Timber Timbre (experimental folk)
Venetian Snares (breakcore, IDM)

And, as a Canadian citizen, I would like to formally apologize to the world, on behalf of my nation, for the following musical atrocities:
Justin Bieber
Bryan Adams
Celine Dion
Abandon All Ships
Blessed by a Broken Heart
Marianas Trench
Simple Plan
Theory of a Deadman
These Kids Wear Crowns
Three Days Grace


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