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Schau nach, was alle anderen als cover getaggt haben.

Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiShes Gone Getaggt Juli 2008
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitiyouruineditall Getaggt Juli 2008
Deer TickBeautiful Girls Getaggt April 2008
Gary WarEye in the Sky Getaggt Februar 2008
CHARLES DE GOALHang on to yourself Getaggt Februar 2008
of MontrealJimmy Getaggt Januar 2008
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiEverybody Getaggt November 2007
The Chapin SistersBorderline Getaggt November 2007
Bubonic PlagueWho's That Girl? Getaggt November 2007
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiUnwritten Law Getaggt Oktober 2007
Kevin BarnesGreen Typewriter Suite (Olivia Tremor Control) Getaggt Juli 2007
Kevin BarnesHarvest Moon (Neil Young) Getaggt Juli 2007
Kevin BarnesI Will (The Beatles) Getaggt Juli 2007
Hüsker DüSunshine Superman Getaggt Juli 2007
of MontrealStarman (Acoustic) Getaggt Mai 2007
Holy ShitAshes to Ashes Getaggt April 2007
of MontrealMore Than a Feeling Getaggt April 2007
of MontrealStarman Getaggt April 2007
of MontrealHang onto yourself Getaggt April 2007
of MontrealSuffragette City Getaggt April 2007
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiAriel (Friedman) Getaggt Februar 2007
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiFacts of Destiny (Gomberg/Keyes) Getaggt Februar 2007
Andy's Airport Of LoveColt 45 Getaggt Februar 2007
of MontrealMoonage Daydream (Bowie) Getaggt Februar 2007
BeckWraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games (Of Montreal Cover) Getaggt November 2006
Marie LaforêtMarie Douceur, Marie Colère Getaggt November 2006
of MontrealSpoonful of Sugar Getaggt November 2006
Crosby, Stills & NashDear Mr. Fantasy Getaggt Oktober 2006
of MontrealCrazy Getaggt September 2006
Iron & Wine and CalexicoAll Tomorrow's Parties Getaggt September 2006
Los TresAll Tomorrow's Parties Getaggt September 2006
of MontrealI Felt Like Smashing My Face Through A Plate Glass Window Getaggt August 2006
Arcade FireBrazil Getaggt Juli 2006
of MontrealColor Me In Getaggt Juli 2006
of MontrealDelinquency Getaggt Juli 2006
of MontrealSpanish Dance Troupe Getaggt Juli 2006
Gogol BordelloMala Vida Getaggt Juni 2006
The BlowCome on Petunia Getaggt Juni 2006
of MontrealTired Of Waiting Getaggt Juni 2006
DeVotchKaVenus in Furs Getaggt Juni 2006
The FutureheadsHounds Of Love Getaggt Juni 2006
of MontrealRain Getaggt Mai 2006
Neutral Milk HotelMother [John Lennon Cover; with Chris Knox] (2/4/01 King's Arms, Auckland, New… Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf PowerHoney Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf PowerReuters Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf PowerUnderneath The Bunker Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf PowerPrincess Knows Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf PowerDandy In The Underworld Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf Powerfeel a whole lot better Getaggt Mai 2006
The ShinsBaby Boomerang Getaggt Mai 2006
The UnicornsI'm Sticking With You (Velvet Underground cover) Getaggt Mai 2006
The DecemberistsI'm Sticking With You Getaggt Mai 2006
Rita LeeAnd I Love Him Getaggt Mai 2006
James MercerHarvest (Neil Young cover) Getaggt Mai 2006
James MercerThe Holiday Song (Pixies Cover) Getaggt Mai 2006
Neutral Milk HotelGlue Getaggt Mai 2006
The Sunshine FixDay In the Life Getaggt Mai 2006
The Olivia Tremor ControlSilverbug Getaggt Mai 2006
Elf Powerneedles in the camel's eye Getaggt April 2006
The DecemberistsMr. Blue Sky Getaggt April 2006
The UnicornsThe Clap/I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head/P.I.M.P Getaggt April 2006
Manafool in the rain Getaggt April 2006
of MontrealLysergic Bliss - The Final Countdown (Europe Cover) - Requiem For O.M.M.2 Getaggt April 2006
Echo & the BunnymenPeople Are Strange Getaggt April 2006
Strawberry SwitchbladeSunday Morning Getaggt April 2006
Blind MelonCandy Says Getaggt April 2006
Rilo KileyAfter Hours Getaggt April 2006
of MontrealShe's My Best Friend Getaggt April 2006
The Music TapesAll Tomorrow's Parties Getaggt April 2006
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss HerCandy Says Getaggt April 2006
Ahh! Folly JetFerryboat Bill Getaggt April 2006
John McEntireGuess I'm Falling In Love / Loop Getaggt April 2006
The Ladybug TransistorI Found a Reason Getaggt April 2006
Rilo KileyIn The Aeroplane Over The Sea (live) Getaggt März 2006
Derek and the DominosLittle Wing Getaggt März 2006
The ShinsWe Will Become Silhouettes Getaggt März 2006
Scissor SistersComfortably Numb Getaggt März 2006
The Olivia Tremor ControlEuropean Son Getaggt März 2006
of MontrealKnow Your Onion! Getaggt März 2006
of MontrealWhere Eagles Dare Getaggt März 2006
The New PornographersWhen I Was a Baby Getaggt März 2006
Jenny LewisHandle With Care Getaggt März 2006