It's All Sweetness and Light


19. Jan. 2010, 12:05

Hi there you lovelies!

We've had quite a lot of metal updates over the past few months, so I decided it was time to switch gears for a little while. It's time to get comfortable, lean back and let me introduce you to The Little Stevies.

The Little Stevies come from Melbourne, Australia. They use wonderfully wisftul and melodic three part harmonies combined with a folky style all wrapped up in a unique Aussie point of view. After listening to a few of their songs I promise you that you'll feel exactly like you're sitting out on the verandah, sipping lemonade and watching the warm summer sun setting on the horizon.

They're yet to have a large web presence but you can find their official home on the internet here -

So without further babbling from me, enjoy :)

Dink You*

*For you non-Australian's out there, dinking is when your friend sits on the handlebars of your bike and you take them for a ride ;)

Making My Sweetheart Smile


So now we're in a warm sunshine-y mood, let's play some games that remind us of lovely things and childlike times!

Mixed Up Fairy Tales
Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Pepper's Adventure's in Time

That's it for now you retro-freaks, and don't forget to love your band :D

Rock 'n' Roll (Love Your Band)

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  • CrybKeeper

    Why is it, those Aussies make the finest music? Yes, very folky sound and thank you for the heads up ;)

    3. Feb. 2010, 5:01
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