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Kanye WestGood Night (Bonus Track) Gestern um 00:33
Kanye WestBig Brother Gestern um 00:28
Kanye WestHomecoming Gestern um 00:25
Kanye WestThe Glory Gestern um 00:21
Kanye WestEverything I Am Gestern um 00:18
Kanye WestFlashing Lights Gestern um 00:14
Kanye WestDrunk And Hot Girls Gestern um 00:08
Kanye WestBarry Bonds Gestern um 00:05
Kanye WestCan't Tell Me Nothing Gestern um 00:00
Kanye WestGood Life Gestern um 23:57
Kanye WestI Wonder Gestern um 23:53
Kanye WestStronger Gestern um 23:48
Kanye WestChampion Gestern um 23:45
Kanye WestGood Morning Gestern um 23:42
TychoElegy 4. Aug., 0:27
TychoEpigram 4. Aug., 0:25
TychoAdrift 4. Aug., 0:19
TychoMelanine 4. Aug., 0:16
TychoAscension 4. Aug., 0:11
TychoCoastal Brake 4. Aug., 0:06
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Abhorrence 4x
Alkehol 2x
All Faces Down 1x
Alternatiwe 2x
Ante Portas 1x
Aya Slovak one. LOL. TERRIBLE. 1x

Birds & Wolves 1x
Before the zero day 1x
Betraying the Martyrs 1x
Boyband 1x
Boy Wonder 1x
Braňo Mojsej ROFL.1x
Brutality Will Prevail 2x
Burning Bright 1x

Clarity 1x

Čad 2x

Damager 1x
Datum vyroby 1x
Davová psychóza 1x
Deez Nuts 2x
Desmod 1x
Devil In Me 1x
The Downhill 1x
Drown My Day 3x

EGO (Slovakia) 2x
Evergreen Terrace 1x
Everyday Hate 1x

Freak Power 1x
From Our Hands 1x

Give em Blood 1x
Gladiator 1x
Green Monkey 1x

H2O 1x
Hard To Say 3x (Slovakia)
Heľenine Oči 3x
Horkýže Slíže 3x
Horská Chata 2x

Chiki Liki Tu-a 8x
Chinaski 1x

Idea 1x
IMT Smile 5x
In Flames 1x
Iné kafe 2x

Katka Knechtová 1x
Khadaver 2x
Killchain 1x
Komajota 2x
Konflikt 1x
Kublai Khan 1x

London Elektricity 1x
Louie Knuxxx 1x

Malevolence 1x
Meredith 1x
Metropolis 2x
Momma Knows Best 1x
My Autumn 1x

Napoleon 1x
Noctiferia 1x
N.O.H.A. 1x
NoTimeFor 1x

Obey the Brave 1x
Obliterate 1x

Papyllon 1x
The Paranoid 2x
Pavol Hammel 1x
Pentagramček 1x
Peter Bič Project 1x
Peter Lipa 1x
Pigs In The Living Room 1x
Plus Minus 1x
Point Blank Range 2x
Polemic 1x
Princess Knocked Out The Gardener 1x

Robo Mikla Okay, THIS IS BΛD. 1x
Rytmus Meh... 1x

saprophyte 1x
Shell Beach 1x
Shrill Whispers 3x
Skunk Anansie 1x
Skywalker 2x
Slobodná Európa 1x
Smola a Hrušky 2x
The Southern Oracle 1x
Suicide Silence 1x

Till We Drop 2x
Tono S. 1x

UDG 1x

The Valiant 1x
Varovný Signál 1x
Veil of Maya 1x
Vessel Left The Shipyard 2x
Vocatio Interna 1x
Voice of Horse 1x
Vypsaná Fixa 1x

wadda 1x

Xindl X 1x

Zoči Voči 6x
Zóna A 2x

"As you grow up you learn that the one person that was never suppose to let us down probably will. You have your heart broken and you break other's hearts. You'll fight with your best friends or maybe you'll fall in love with them and you forget that the time is flying by. Life comes with no guarantees, no time-outs, no second chances. You just have to live your life to the fullest. Tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off. Speak out, be sincere and say with conviction and never forget where you came from because when you do, it's a long road home." Liferuiner - 1990

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