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Above & BeyondTri-State 11. Dez. 2010
Armin van BuurenOrbion 11. Dez. 2010
FitalicAtomic Atmosphere 11. Dez. 2010
VibrasphereInfusion 11. Dez. 2010
Three DrivesGreece 2000 11. Dez. 2010
TiëstoLethal Industry 11. Dez. 2010
Markus Schulz vs. Andy MoorDaydream 11. Dez. 2010
Above & BeyondIndonesia 11. Dez. 2010
PlanisphereTotem 11. Dez. 2010
Gabriel & DresdenArcadia 11. Dez. 2010
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Im happy,mad(as a hatter),sane,insane(like a barrel full of flea bitten monkeys)im a lover and a fighter (dont make me wouldn't like me when im angry), im well mannered but i never take sh@t from anyone lets just be friendly and have a laugh, i love stupid humour yes pop a fart and i wil be laughing my head off i get bored easily so i need many hobbies,weight training,airgun shooting/hunting,xbox360(live) i occasionally play online FANCY A GAME,HALO 3?,music various, radio controlled aircraft,and many an atheist i believe in things that can be seen or proven the only thing that should be worshipped is the sun the real bringer of life so please keep it real as fairytales are for kids, YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAABABY~YEEAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!