AM's Tasty Grooves Mixtape


14. Jan. 2010, 0:16

Week 1 Mixtape:

Jason from Indiana asked

You got to meet your most idolized musician, who is it, and name some tracks

AM responded...


1. Ponta de Lanca Africano

2. Mas Que Nada

3. Take It Easy My Brother Charles

About the Artist

Brazilian musical artist, Jorge Ben, got his first big shine from the composition of track number 2 "Mas Que Nada" at age 23 (decade of the groovy sixties). At the time of his most influential work, musica popular brasileria was more about challenging Brazil's political authorities and singing of reform. Jorge Ben, however, didn't allow the frustration of political supremacy overshadow his musical talent. Using his bossa nova guitar skills, Ben created a style of music that dashed a touch of the African West Coast to a seductive Brazilian groove.

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