Crappy Reviews II: Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls


25. Nov. 2009, 1:43

The highly anticipated followup to the debut album from Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk kick starts with the autotuned beginnings of Heart Heart Heartbreak. It's an upbeat intro, but one thing that distracts me is that the tune is so blatantly similar to Bon Jovi's It's My Life. The chorus, typical of punk/rock, is addictively catchy. Instruments wise, the drums is the best here, followed by the simple guitars, one of which most find familiar to Bon Jovi. The bridge finally adds a bit more originality, however it's not enough to erase the Bon Jovi similarities. The guitar solo is pretty awesome mind, as is the chorus that follows. A decent, but forgettable, opening to this album.

The title track, Love Drunk, is one you may find familiar. Yet again catchy and upbeat, Love Drunk adds some memorable music to the album. Onje thing very distracting though is the tune in the chorus. Sing The Killers "Somebody Told Me" then "Love Drunk", and the similarities are obvious. The chanting of "hey" is a good touch, and the verses are definately note-worthy. Instrument wise, Boys Like Girls are doing enough to gain and keep the attention of the listeners, but they're certainly not pushing any boundaries. Warning, that bridge will be playing on your heads iPod a lot. The song ends in a somewhat annoying chanting of "nahnahnahnahnah"'s

The second single, She's Got A Boyfriend Now is important due to the fact it's the first song I can't find a similarity too. It doesn't vary from the prior songs too much, and that autotune returns to the distress of many. It is quite catchy mind, and for once the guitar has some semi-addictive rift during the verse. A solid teenaged anthem, but very forgettable. Not for hardcore music fans that pay too much attnetion to music. It also drags on when the normal person would want it to end already. The outro's autotune and "oh-oh"'s annoy me. FINISH ALREADY DAMMIT.

Acoustic guitar drives the third single and best song, Two Is Better Than One, featuring Taylor Swift. It's differs dramatically from the previous tracks, and is personally my favourite from the album. Taylor's vocals takes this song to a whole new level. The addition of a violin suits the theme, and the rest of the instruments also work great together. This is truely Love Drunk's finer moments. If you love the fast tempo'd punk/rock though, skip this song.

The very opening of Contagious returns to copying other songs, sounding very similar to Bowling for Soups' High School Nevers Ends, so much taht your brain continues playing it in your head. This song returns to the fast paced pop/punk/rock, and once again refusing to break away from the river of typical punk/rock. Despite being cliche, a few people will love this track, especially those who think Bowling For Soup is an phrase one would aim at a very hungry person. I don't like this song though.

The next track is actually pretty good. Starting with the sound of a old time tape turning, before the killer drumbeat and vocals of Real Thing. The guitar is definately attention grabbing here. The band return to the cliche after the verse finishes however, and I'm definately getting bored with this method. The verse definately stand out, except for the vocalists shout singing, of which I complained about in the Brand New Eyes album review. Despite the irritations, this is in my Top 5 definately. That's not a good thing necessarily.

Second slow song. Someone Like You lacks the mood Two Is Better Than One has, but it's definately a pleasant change from the current cliche. The raw sound of the drums is definately appealing to some, while others may dislike it. The soft guitars in the intro is pretty great. The vocalist tries to bring it back to this album's niche though, which is really annoying to me. Another distracting thing about this track is that it seems to try to replicate Thunder, one of my favourite BLG song, featured on the last album. After the second verse, this song fills the spot of the "song to sleep too", which is what I need! God dammit it's 4:30am. I need my sleep! I admire the fact that this band try to pull it from boring to semi-barable though, but it's not working too great. The outro drags on as well. Finish already again damn you.

Another good song! Shot Around the World starts with the scared breathing of the vocalist. The fastest paced song on the album. However, it's not without Boys Like Girls' mystical powers to sound like another song, this time a small something from kiwi rockers These Four Walls. Still a really good song. Worth some iTunes money. I love the maniacal laughter before the last choruses. The thing that ruins this song is the last part, that bloody fucking autotune.

Another soft song before the chorus. The First One is the most similar to the debut album vocal wise, and finally breaks out from the sound set by prior songs, even if it's a little bit. The drums are addictive, the guitars set the mood easily, the vocals, like I mentioned before, are a lot like the vocals in Thunder and The Great Escape, meaning it's good again! The biggest competition to the song with Taylor Swift as the best song on the album. I'm sure that it will lose it's novelity after awhile, but in the meantime, I'm loving it.

Chemicals Collide starts off immediately with the vocals, but it's not doing anything new again. This is one of the most forgettable track off the album. The guitar is very simple, and so boring that you fear your airguitar will gather dust. The drums are the only interesting bit in this song, and they've been that way for the last few songs. The airguitars get a minor dust off with the very brief guitar solo. But you really should skip this song.

First time I heard this song on shuffle, I thought it was In Between from Linkin Park's last album, Minutes to Midnight. But alas, it's not. It's the last track from Love Drunk, Go. It's the last slow track too, and just like Someone Like You, it's insanely boring. You can unplug your stereo now, there's nothing interesting. The sad thing is this is the longest song on the record. My eyes are drooping though, so it's doing what I want, which is making me sleepy. Jesus, it's nearly 5am. I'm going to skip this track and get onto the conclusion then I'll go to my pommy bed in peace.


For Fans Of: All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco

Download: The First One, Two Is Better Than One, Love Drunk

Rating: 4.2/10

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