9. Jun. 2008, 17:15

Second in the already near-legendary series

1. De La Soul - Kicked Out the House

De La Soul announce their distaste for house but inexplicably proceed to do a house-track poorly. This is the only album by them I have never heard, but can't say I'm inspired to seek it out.

2. Chicks On Speed - 99 Cents

Had this album and liked about half of it, much preferred their version of Wordy Rappinghood and that one that bangs on about Cindy Sherman.

3. Big Black - Steelworker

Don't much care for Big Black but this is quite a good track. I am much pleasured. Could it be the fact that I am a member of the Steel City Massive?

4. Rem - Orange Crush

OK, I admit it...

5. Del Shannon - Runaway

This is some next-level shit

6. Jurassic 5 - Quality Control

Stop it with the guilty pleasures, damn...

7. The Beach Boys - Here Today

No, The Beach Boys get right on my tits and this shit has not altered my opinion of them one bit. At least it is thankfully an instrumental.

8. Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)


9. Throbbing Gristle - Six Six Sixties

Genesis P. Orridge could record the sound of himself shitting from the top of a stepladder onto a kettledrum and I would still probably be able to appreciate it.

10. Snakefinger - Don't Lie

Never heard these freaks before, like 'em. I shall investigate them in more detail (and that is what other people's radio stations should be all about).

**This station should by rights be a 7/10 if I am applying my fledgling rule of counting the number of tracks I liked, but I've deducted a mark because the freaky low-fi shit jars a little next to the REM and Del Shannon, so 6/10 I suppose...**


  • GrapePuppet

    I feel honoured, wow. Runaway always reminds me of that scene in Children of the Corn where Malachai stops the kids playing Monopoly ;-;

    10. Jun. 2008, 3:14
  • OhYesByAllMeans


    10. Jun. 2008, 11:25
  • duckbomb101

    No Slayer = instant 0. Say no more GrapePuppet, say no more.

    10. Jun. 2008, 12:13
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