Maxwell Smart ...the secret in person ;-), 90, Männlich, Dominikanische RepublikZuletzt gesehen: Juli 2012

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Average White BandPick Up the Pieces Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
J.J. CaleCall Me The Breeze Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Soul BalletMan and Woman 31. Jul. 2012
KraftwerkThe Model (London) Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Heaven 17Play To Win 31. Jul. 2012
Marcus MillerSecret Forest 31. Jul. 2012
Dr. HookSexy Eyes Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
BRAIN BUCKITLet The Boogie Loose Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Jan HammerTheresa 31. Jul. 2012
The Bar-KaysHoly Ghost Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Eliane EliasPhotograph (Fotografia) Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Uriah HeepLady in Black Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Ziggy Marley & The Melody MakersGood Time Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Shawn LaneTri-7\5 Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
The DoorsShaman's Blues Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersInto the Great Wide Open Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
David BowieGolden Years Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Talking HeadsBorn Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
Nina SimoneFeeling Good Lieblingslied 31. Jul. 2012
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Über mich

I´m doing the Tour de France for Secret Agents last month...hope you didn´t see me...the chief was very pleased about as I finished 86th... and now I´m on my way from Paris to London...ohhh it´s a long way, but I hope I will arrive at July 27th 2012...if not you´ll meet me in Rio, Brasil 2016 ;-)
P.S. the bike is a special agent bike with 5-wheel-drive...autopilot...and the newest navigation system from google, which knows the difference between London and Rio very good !!!
see you at the Olympic Games in Rio , sorry mean London ;-) Maxxox

I´m back and alive ;-) spent my holidays at The Chiefs House in Frisco ! We had a great time and lots of fun...only one day we were in trouble ;-) Maxxox

You see now my secret Level ;-) my real Level is 86 :)) Hope you understand ;-) Max

Hi there ;-) I´m in a hurry to get some beer for the ...
* HAPPY WEEKEND * !!! Maxxox :)))

This is Last.Fm Agent " Mixed Well Smart " of the department
" keep your side clean " ( No Sex - No Crime - No Fun )
looks like me.....but not much. :)))

You see here how dangerous the life of a secrent agent can be ;-) this is a group of agents during an outing in haha...that is secret :)))

this is something *TOP SECRET* behind the newspaper...some people could be shocked ;-) TAKE CARE !!!

This is Super Secret Agent Small Cute Cactus ( No.88 ) He is a specialist in botany and use often poisonous spines !!!

THIS SIDE IS TOP SECRET - Please don´t tell it anybody...
thank you !!! Max ;-)

My Home is my Castle.....

...and my Phone is my Best Friend ;-)

here is my priv. number for emergencies .
dial 0 999 654 123 007 Dom.Rep.
your call will be answered by Agent 66 ;-) Sundays Closed !!!
Don´t Forget the Code !!!

*** TOP SECRET - PASSWORD of LAST WEEK WAS .... TOP SECRET *** BANANA XXL *** :)) haha check the new in

W A R N I N G ! Don´t use British Phone Cells....

Don´t forget ! If you visit this side you will be counted...hahaha...don´t try to visit under wrong flag !

If you need help I will help you as we would help each other without help of others as if you would never help me if I need no help... just as help should be...or not ???

Max the Smartest ;-)