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    4. Mai. 2009, 16:20


    Something Lighter EP

    TuneCore, Feb 2009

    Available for download from:

    Pure Frisson

    TuneCore, Mar 2009

    Available for download from:

    Thank you to everyone who's listened!
    The support is really appreciated.

    "The track 'Un Nouveau Frisson' is a true electronica classic and all of 4our5ive6ix's music is magic in its simplicity and grace." - Pixieguts

    "Pure O is pure magic, with a nice intro and almost explosive track, loved the noise at the end. Un Nouveau Frisson (The Ascent) is a lovely congealing of a mixture of sounds and textures. That reaches a well-balanced height, a sense of nirvana, of achievement resounds in the background, with a tinkling melody up front. The ending indicative of a change in level of consciousness, I think. Nice stuff!" - Jamendo user

    "Truly special electronica, still one of my favorite find artists after two years of listening..." - Jamendo user

    "Soaring, boundless melodies backed by unyielding percussion. Colorful palette, dark pallor...experimental electronic music at its best" -

    "Uplifting, cutting edge, ambient breaks as played on various stations like Xfm and BBC Radio 1 in the UK, making for a delightful EP" - Indiefeed

    "Unlike most ambient/electro artists, 4our5ive6ix have produced an uplifting album which combines slow progressing tracks with shorter melodic rareties that leave the listener with a sense of transcendent listening experience.
    Their use of light drum loops and organic sounds, paints a beautiful landscape of sound which will engross you for each of the four tracks.
    This band deserves a lot more recognition as great UK artists" - iTunes reviewer

    Best new stuff of the year: No. #1:
    "Even in such immense company as this top ten, this band stands out. Godspeed-inspired (gimme more), but I don't want to make the mistake of describing something that's so good.
    Listen to their stuff. Your ears will love you forever" - Dandelion Radio