10000th Track, The Smashing Pumpkins, and the Future


2. Okt. 2006, 3:36

10000th Track: Mayonaise

Where the Music is Going:

1.) The Smashing Pumpkins - Probably going to be staying in the top 5, that is for sure. I tried to lay off listening to too much of these guys so my charts weren't ridiculously skewed, but I caved in.

I figured it would be appropriate to make my 10000th track my favorite song from one of my favorite artists, so I naturally went with Mayonaise. Very emotional and powerful song.

The reunion should be quite interesting. Obviously, Billy Corgan is the most important feature to the sound of this band.

D’Arcy had a very important role in the personality of the band, and apparently had a very keen ear for what sounded good and what didn't. However, I doubt she would return to the pumpkins. Assuming she has recovered from her crack addiction, I think it would be very difficult to return to a part of her life which has ostensibly caused her a great deal of trouble. From what I understand, she is now living in a small town and breeding horses, so I don't see why she should come back if she is satisfied with her current lifestyle. Selfishly, I wouldn't mind to see her on bass again. Melissa Auf Der Maur is a suitable replacement, however.

James Iha has a pretty good chance of being in the band again. His guitar work is obviously good, and he doesn't seem to be too busy with other projects. Not to mention the rumors buzzing around from Netphoria concerning his return. As far as personality goes, I haven't seen it influence the image of the band very much, if it all. However, having written Mayonaise along with many other tracks, he is an important element to the band.

I don't know how hard Billy's words hit to D’Arcy Wretzky and James Iha in his blog. Let's just hope not too hard.

I think Jimmy Chamberlin is a bit overrated as far as importance goes. His drum work is great, but not a crucial element to the overall sound of the band. SP had no drummer at the beginning pre-gish era, and Adore sounded quite good without him. After all, it was Behold! The Nightmare off of Adore which pulled me into the pumpkins.

Regardless of who is in it, the new album will be a part of my collection.

Favorite Tracks:

2.) Phish - I don't know where I'm going with these guys. I had a period over the summer where I listened to huge amounts of their live material and became addicted. They will most likely be in the top 10, but will definitely be slowly sliding down the charts.

Favorite Tracks:
Chalk Dust Torture
Tweezer Reprise

3.) Pink Floyd - What can I say about Pink Floyd? The first band I have ever truly loved. For a period of about a year and a half, I almost exclusively listened to only them. If I had kept track of the plays, it would have easily been over 25,000. They will always be in my Top 5, but I have unfortunately overplayed them. Their music is still brilliant to my ears, but some of the magic isn't there that once was.

Favorite Tracks:
Shine on You Crazy Diamond
RIP Syd Barrett

4.) Mogwai - I've been experimenting with Post-Rock quite extensively over the summer and is by far my top listened genre. Out of all of the artists, Mogwai stands out to me as the most unique, listenable, and replayable band. Should be in the top 5 for a long time.

Favorite Tracks:
Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
Kids Will Be Skeletons

5.) Tool - To be honest, I have no idea. Right now there isn't much appeal to me, but I seem to continue playing them. 10,000 Days was great, but it did get old for me. I'm not a big fan of filler, and it was definitely there. Probably will stay in the top 10, but won’t be in the top 5 for too long.

Favorite Tracks:
Hooker With a Penis

6.) Nine Inch Nails - I have to be in the right mood for this mastermind. It will probably stay in my top 10, but I found some of the tracks on With Teeth kind of lame. His older work is undoubtedly better.

Favorite Tracks:

7.) Porcupine Tree - Loved them at first, however, they burned out for me very quickly. I can barely stand to listen to them anymore; I find their lyrics quite juvenile at times, and I don't like the british accent very much. I love the guitar work though. Probably won't be in the top 10 for 20,000.

Favorite Tracks:

8.) King Crimson - This will probably stay in the same place. Their later music is very harsh sounding, but In the Court of the Crimson King is an amazing album, as is Red.

Favorite Tracks:
Starless and Bible Black

9.) A Perfect Circle - I like these guys better than Tool. I didn't like Emotive very much, but their first two albums I enjoy alot. It will probably rise slightly in my charts, but there just isn't enough material to keep my interest. On an indefinite hiatus, who knows what will happen in the long run.

Favorite Tracks:
3 Libras

10.) Metallica - Honestly, I enjoy all of their material with the exception of St. Anger. I thought it was pretty cheesy, albeit the title track was good live. I found Metallica through my siblings, so I started listening to them at a pretty early age. Might stay in the top 10, who knows.

Napster, Napster, Napster. I don't care if they sued Napster. Their older music doesn't instantly "suck" based on their current actions. Selling out doesn't exist, it is simply a term indie elitists came up with to invalidate music and satisfy their ego. Musicians sell out when they decide to sell their music in the first place, so I don't wanna hear about it.

Favorite Tracks:
The Unforgiven II
King Nothing

Rising Stars:
Explosions in the Sky – Depending on how their next album is, they may be rising their way to the top. It is definitely music to listen to by yourself, however, as I have experienced it may be a bit awkward in the car with someone else at 7 am. Sometimes they seem to ruin their soundscapes with repetitive riffs, but overall they are amazing.

Sigur Rós – Great music. Will definitely be getting more plays.


  • LadyParadis

    Nice interesting post :) I like the Smashing Pumpkins too. My fave track is Ava Adore, but they are all good. My fave Mogwai track is Take me somewhere nice. If you don't know it, try it. It's cool. Not totally convinced with NIN, though one or two tracks are nice, like Closer. Great track. Pink Floyd, well, Wish you were here, that's a great one, but your choice of Shine on you crazy diamond is good too. Congrats on the 10k milestone. Always good to get that one under your belt. Take care :)

    2. Okt. 2006, 12:59
  • BeverlyMarsh

    How many Pumpkins adicted on last.fm... My friends know Billy Corgan only as the bald man with the luciferine sight, sigh. :/ However... The Smashing Pumpkins: Thru The Eyes of Ruby and Mayonaise. Pink Floyd: Summer '69 and Interstellar Overdrive. Mogwai: Stop Coming To My House and Travel Is Dangerous. Tool: 10.000 Days (Wings Pt.2) and The Grudge. Nine Inch Nails: Hurt and Closer (très banale :P). Porcupine Tree: Lightbulb Sun and Lazarus. Explosions in the Sky: The Only Moment We Were Alone and Yasmin The Light Sigur Ròs: Popplagio and Saeglopur.

    2. Okt. 2006, 16:42
  • 2uantuM

    Thanks for the comments! Beverly: Interesting choices of early Floyd tracks. As much of a genius as Syd Barrett was, I'm definitely more of a fan of the later Gilmour/Waters led Floyd. Interstellar Overdrive is definitely an amazing track, however. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2) is probably the best track off ot the album, and was originally going to be my 10,000th track, but I figured it would be sort of a cliche. Lady: Yeah, I sort of agree about NIN. I find it difficult to listen to some of their albums all the way through. Similiar to Tool, there is alot of crap inbetween their good tracks and I think it really takes away from the albums.

    2. Okt. 2006, 17:28
  • SaturnineSoot

    I'm absolutely agree with the post about the pumpkins... But i really i don't know if melissa will come back...we will see..:)

    5. Okt. 2006, 9:33
  • Buffalohed

    Very nice man. We have a lot in common... SP and Mogwai are like my 2 favorite bands.

    25. Okt. 2006, 3:48
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